Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just When I Thought Things Couldn't Get Any Crazier Last Week....

....Allie had to get two teeth pulled!
In an effort to give her bottom two front adult teeth a better chance (and more room) to come in straighter, the dentist suggested getting rid of the two adjacent teeth.  We will definitely still be seeing the orthodontist next year, but wanted to do what we could to maximize the chances of straighter teeth. 

Allie did great, especially considering the fact that she had a mere 20 minutes to prepare herself for the tooth extraction (which was actually probably better than having her obsess about it for weeks on end).  Plus, afterwards she got to indulge in as much ice cream and pudding as her little heart desired...which made her pretty happy.

Also, the tooth fairy felt extremely bad for her and brought her a stuffed puppy dog in addition to $1 per tooth.  
I'm incredibly thankful for a great pediatric dentist who made what could have been a traumatic experience actually somewhat fun.  Allie couldn't stop talking about the movie she got to pick out to watch, the special glasses she chose to wear, and the prizes she picked out.  Although she doesn't think she wants to repeat the experience (I don't blame her!), she said it wasn't that bad and is still looking forward to her regular dental cleaning visit and check up next month.   

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ella peterson said...

wow! I had no idea the roots were 2.5 times as long as the visible portion of the tooth! what a trooper