Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pre Halloween Festivities

Our Halloween fun began this past Thursday as Zach dressed up for his preschool Halloween party and parade.
All month Zach has been planning to dress up as a construction worker (complete with Ben's real hard hat), but when the day came to put on his costume, he decided he'd rather go as Buzz with real wings.  We had the costume from last year, so it worked out great!
The jury's still out as to what he will decide to go trick-or-treating in.  He isn't really that into dress up and asked us today if he could just skip the costume and still get candy.  We said no.  However, I don't think it will be too much of a problem because Zach would do just about ANYTHING for candy.

Ben was able to take some time off work to come see Zach parade into chapel with his other classmates.

The kids had a short program followed by their performance of a few Halloween songs.  Zach told me he absolutely would not sing, so imagine my surprise when I saw his lips moving!

He didn't do ANY actions, but that's was seriously a miracle that he actually sang!
Maybe by the Christmas program we'll incorporate some actions....ehhhhh...probably not.

Regardless, he's still the cutest singing Buzz I've ever laid eyes on.

Saturday afternoon, I had the great idea to carve our pumpkins.  It was a beautiful Fall day...perfect for scooping out pumpkin goo! 

What I anticipated to be an hour long project turned into three hours.

To be fair, Ben did most of the grunt work.  I merely drew the faces on the pumpkins before I had to watch Olivia and do some prep for her birthday party the following day.
Nevertheless, the end result turned out pretty awesome and the kids are excited to display their jack-o-lanterns for trick or treating. 

Here's Allie's pumpkin...she requested eye lashes and hair:
This is Zach's pumpkin...he requested eye brows and a big, scary smile with sharp teeth:
Olivia's pumpkin is a throw back to the old school way of pumpkin carving.  With just a sharp knife, Ben created this simple and actually kind of freaky looking jack-o-lantern:

Here's a shot of the pumpkin master himself:
I couldn't pass up a photo op with my cute pumpkins...all six of them!
We'll be lucky to get any sleep tonight with how excited the kids are about trick or treating tomorrow....which is unfortunate because after this crazy/busy/fun weekend....I'm beat.  Happy early Halloween!   

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