Sunday, November 6, 2011

Birthday Party in the Works

It is no secret that I love birthdays.  And not just my birthday (although, in all honesty, I really do love my birthday), but pretty much all birthdays.  Any day involving cake, ice cream, balloons, and presents is a great day in my book! 

One of my favorite parts of having kids has been celebrating their birthdays.  We've already had a great time this Fall celebrating Zach's and Olivia's special days, but this month we've started preparations for Allie's big day. The fact that Allie has even fashioned her very own birthday countdown calendar means that I must have passed on the birthday excitement gene to at least one of my offspring.

So, why begin party preparations for Allie's big day so soon?  Well, apart from the fact that I am known for being a little bit psychotic when it comes to birthday celebrations (or so I've been told by the other adult member living in this house), Allie is having her first ever kid party this year.  Not only did we invite a few friends from church and preschool, but we thought it would be a great idea to invite all the girls in her kindergarten class as well.  Deep breath.  Yes, indeed....we invited 15 girls. 

What was I thinking?  Well, not only did I want to avoid hurt feelings, but I thought a birthday party would be a great opportunity to get to know the girls and parents of Allie's kindergarten class.  And, well, I'm pretty much a birthday psycho.  Remember?
So, now that my birthday psychosis is completely out in the open, I feel I can finally share what we've come up with so far. 

First up....Invitations:

Like every other little girl turning six across America, Allie will be having a Rapunzel-themed birthday party.

I would like to take full credit for the invitation idea, but Ben was really the mastermind behind that one (He's actually standing over my shoulder at this very moment inquiring whether or not he is going to receive full credit for his brilliance).  I did, however, provide inspiration in the form of purple cards and cute lavendar scrapbook paper.  Allie offered her assistance in the provision of her very own Rapunzel stickers and her mad cutting and gluing skills. 

Earlier this week, we hit up the party store where we found that all the Rapunzel-themed partyware and decor was 50% off....score!  While we were there, we also grabbed some mini-water colors (because one of Rapunzel's favorite pastimes is painting), note pads, stickers, and mini crown-shaped combs for the treat bags.  The grocery store had 50% off Halloween candy, so I made sure to stock up on that as well.  The best part:  they had golden-colored twizzlers...which Allie insists looks just like Rapunzel's braided hair!

Birthday psychosis took over once again and the kids and I put together the treat bags one afternoon this past week:

We also picked up all the supplies needed for our cupcake tower (yay for cake mix/frosting sales!) and a few things for a craft I have planned (stay tuned...more to come as soon as Allie and I get around to making a test model).  I also raided my old craft supplies at home and we have come up with quite a birthday pile:

Although we are planning to hang white twinkly lights for decorations, Allie also wanted a banner with the Rapunzel sun-burst design.  I stayed home from church today with a sick Olivia and while she was napping, I got started on the banner.  And....a project that was supposed to take about an hour turned into quite a bit more.

I spent far too much time today painting sunbursts on both sides of 107 paper flags.  That is 214 sunbursts.  And, I have yet to determine where exactly we are going to hang them all. 

That, dear folks, is the epitome of birthday least for now....we still have 2 weeks to go until party time! 

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