Monday, November 21, 2011

Everything But the Birthday Party

Contrary to what I may have led you to believe, there have been other things keeping us busy besides Allie's big party.  Granted, due to all the Rapunzel birthday hoopla, I didn't have much time last week to spend updating here.  So, since Ben is on vacation this week and I'm up way before dawn (however, "dawn" is now some crazy time like 7:30 am...and did you know the sun is already setting at around 4:30 pm?!  Blech.) and before anyone else in the house, I thought I would take a few moments to hit the highlights of last week (minus the birthday party--because we all know that is going to be one, long, ginormous post). 

Olivia had her 1-year check up last week.  Apparently, her head circumference shrunk by 1-inch and she gained absolutely no weight, holding ground at a scant 24 pounds.  No worries about the brain shrinkage, though.  The doc was fairly certain that the previous nurse measured her head wrong.  The doc also took a look at her nasty diaper rash and confirmed my suspicions of a yeast infection, so we got a prescription cream to help with that as well.   

After the exam, she happily let one of the nurses hold her while I helped Zach get his flu shot and when it was time for me to grab her from the nurse for her own immunizations, she had no desire to come back to me...screaming, crying, and back-arching ensued.    What?!  Ok, I can understand the same reaction when being held by Grandma and I mercilessly try to rip you away from her arms (as occurs all the time), but some strange nurse that you have never seen before?!  Really, child, I can't be all that bad. 

Whether due to the immunizations or just some nasty germs, Olivia spent the rest of the week under the weather with a nasty that Ben and I have been graced with now as well.  Unfortunately, for me, the cold manifested itself in my throat and I spent all day yesterday barely being able to speak.  I think the kids were a little in shock when I told them I lost my a scant whisper reminiscient of a dying frog.  In fact, Zach offered to help me find it because he said he didn't like me not talking so much. 

I also discovered this past week that they remodeled the Wal-Mart near our house.  Now, I am a pretty loyal Target customer, but after walking into the brand new Wal-Mart and finding nearly everything I need in one place at a far cheaper price than Target, I may be on my way to a life changing transformation.  After Zach saw that Wal-Mart offers 3 different types of Cars 2 birthday cakes in the bakery, he was completely sold.  I still need to overcome the crowds, because for some reason Wal-Mart is always, ALWAYS far crazier busy than Target ever is, but I'm sure in time I will adjust.  I even put off buying diapers so that I would have an excuse to show Ben the new Wal-Mart this week (which is totally ridiculous because Ben is the only one I know that hates Wal-Mart even more than I do...but, I'm hoping for a life transformation for him as well).

Last week Zach had his Thanksgiving program at preschool.  In addition to singing a song about a turkey where all the kids wiggled their little bums (yes...he actually sang, but I missed most of it because Olivia, who is ALWAYS good decided to scream at the exact moment Zach's class got on stage to begin their song...thankfully, Zach resang the entire song to all of us that evening--complete with bum wiggling--because he said he heard Olivia screaming and thought I probably missed him singing), we also participated in a Thanksgiving gorp feast.  Zach successfully picked out all the candy corn and M&M's while I picked out all the caramel puff corn for Olivia.  Surprisingly, Zach ate the sunflower seeds and proclaimed that they are his new favorite.  I completely forgot the camera (poor second child), so these were a few of the pictures I was able to snag on my phone:

After the program, as we were walking to our van in the parking lot through the 20-degree temps, I looked down at the stroller to check on Olivia and realized I had completely forgotten to put her coat on (poor third child).  However, she seemed completely unfazed and actually screamed when I proceeded to put her coat on (probably because her coat fits more like a straight jacket than an actual coat). 

Did I mention it snowed?  Well, it did.  The first measurable snow of a few inches was on Saturday...the day of Allie's party.  I really thought I was ok with winter this year until I woke up on Sunday morning and everything was white and I realized I probably wouldn't see the grass again until April.  Thankfully I can still see our road...which is a good thing because our mini van does not drive as well on a five inch layer of compacted snow than it does on an actual road. 

Also, it seems I am married to Mr. Christmas and the first snow has brought out his insatiable desire to Christmasfy our house.  Usually, I make him wait until after Thanksgiving, but this year I'm giving in.  Today, in between conferences for the kids, we will be putting up our Christmas decorations (*gasp*), BEFORE THANKSGIVING.  (He actually got the tree up with the lights last night after the kids went to bed.)  This has only happened once before, during our first year of marriage, when he convinced me to put up our tree in October...and then I made him keep our window blinds closed for two months so no one discovered how crazy we really were are. 

The kids just woke up and, believe it or not, are even more excited about the tree and decorating for Christmas than Ben.  So, it is off to deck the halls for Christmas...and then I need to revisit that list of ingredients for the rolls, stuffing, and pumpkin dessert I'm supposed to bring for Thanksgiving.  Maybe I'll even get to take another trip to Wal-Mart.....


ella peterson said...

Big bummer for those of us who adore the snow coverage, but a great thankfulness can reside in your heart as you'll see the snow melt away today and tomorrow and you'll be able to see the grass again! It's supposed to be nearly 50 tomorrow and Thanksgiving!

My personal favorite about this post: Zach's concern of you missing the concert song due to his own hearing of Olivia.

Jen D said...

Perhaps I was a little too dramatic regarding the snow...I actually don't hate snow, it just caught me a little off guard. I definitely wouldn't ever want to live somewhere without snow. And now that all of our Christmas decorations are up, I'm actually a little bummed the snow is gone. I'm sure we won't have too wait too much longer for more. :)