Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy 12 Months, Olivia!

Olivia, how can it be that you are 1 year old already?  In my almost 6 short years of motherhood, I do believe this has been the fastest year yet!
Your biggest accomplishment this month has been crawling.  You are now officially a crawler and are into absolutely everything.  We try our hardest to keep track of you, but you can be pretty good at getting yourself into some rather precarious situations.  In addition to getting lots of fingers stuck in drawers and cabinet doors, we have found you stuck behind the rocking chair in your bedroom, behind closed doors in the bathroom, and even wedged into Daddy's closet.  Nevertheless, these minor setbacks have not hindered your progress and you are becoming quicker by the day. 

Since you began crawling a mere two weeks ago, you have become an expert at pulling yourself up to everything as well.  Your favorite thing to pull up to is the coffee table and you have even begun taking steps around it and transferring from the coffee table to the couch.  I'm guessing your toddler days are not too far away. 

Your favorite toys continue to be anything that we have or that Allie and Zach have.  Whenever Allie or Zach's room door is open, you make a beeline for it and grab as much as you can before we confiscate the items and ban you from the premises.  You especially adore Allie's room with all of the princess dolls and stuffed animals. 

In the event that all the bedroom doors are closed, you will settle happily for your Little People.  You especially love the farm and every time you find the cow you hold it up and say, "Moo!"  You have also been working on your "baa," "neigh," and "ruff." 

The musical instruments remain a favorite and you especially love the jingle bells and finger cymbals.  Unfortunately, you get mad at us a lot because we have to take the jingle bells away when you begin sucking on them.  You began "dancing" this month to music (especially when Daddy plays the guitar and sings) and you can't help but jiggle your legs or body around in the cutest fashion.   

For your birthday you received your very own baby doll and you could not have been happier.  For the past couple mornings after you get up, I find you standing in your crib and reaching desperately for the baby.  You absolutely know that the baby is yours and make quite a commotion if anyone tries to take it from you.  You really don't like it when Allie tries to show you how to play with it. 
You are officially done nursing and I was happy that the transition proved to be a lot easier than I anticipated.  You only seemed to miss it for the first couple days and now you are completely fine without it.  You are still famished every morning, though, so we usually have to get your breakfast right away.  Some mornings you will settle for a sippy cup of milk if it is going to be any more than five minutes before you will be fed. 

Your favorite things to eat are graham crackers, cheerios, baked oatmeal, any fruit, turkey, beans, grilled cheese, and sweet potatoes.  You aren't too keen on green veggies, but you will eat peas over green beans any day.  You also absolutely refuse to eat any pre-packaged meals.  Although you eat what I cook for the rest of us each night, I picked up some easy Gerber meals just in case I needed a quick dinner for you in a pinch.  I tried one out this past weekend (pasta with meatballs and green beans):  you took a huge bite, spit it out, and refused to consume any more. 

You continue to be the happiest little one-year-old around.  You are sick with a cold this week, but aren't letting it phase you too much.  You sleep like a champ and despite not having a regular nap schedule, you are still able to remain easy going and in good spirits.

You have become quite an expressive talker, using hand motions and lots of inflection to communicate to us.  You began saying some words a couple months ago, but I wasn't sure you knew what you were doing and thought it was too early for you to be talking, but after this month, I know for sure that you know EXACTLY what you are saying.  Not only that, but you know EXACTLY what we are saying to you and can follow short directions like "Sit down" or "No Touching."  That doesn't mean you always follow them, though. 
Here's a list of words that you can say at 1 year old:
  • Hi
  • Dad
  • Zach (sounds like "Zaaa")
  • Mom (sounds like "Maaa")
  • Moo (for cow)
  • All done (sounds like "Ah-duh")
  • What's That? (sounds like "dis?")
  • Tickle (ok...so no one would even recognize this as a word but me, but every morning when I'm changing your clothes, you tickle your belly and try your hardest to say "tickle, tickle"...then you reach out to me and tickle my face and say the same exact thing!)
  • No (sounds like "Na-na-na")
  • Thanks (sounds like "Taks")
Oh, Daddy wanted to make sure that I mentioned that you are definitely leaning toward left-handedness.  You eat with your left hand and reach with your left hand.  Daddy is pretty happy that at least one of his kids will be left handed like him!

You still love to mimic everything we do....brushing hair, brushing teeth, washing the table with a rag, coloring, etc.  You even mimic the kids' grump faces and this is what we get when we ask you to do the grump face:
We love you Olivia and are so happy to be celebrating one whole year with you! 

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