Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Olivia's First Birthday

The night before Olivia's big day, we made sure that the house looked festive:
 Hot pink and lime green were the theme colors and I even found some flowers that matched perfectly!
 We set up the cake and present table:
 Allie even created a custom-made banner for Olivia:

In addition to making a batch of crock-pot chili for lunch after church on her birthday, I also picked up Olivia's FREE first year birthday cake from Byerly's:
Sunday morning, we made sure to snap a picture of the newest one year old in our family:
I'm sure Olivia thought we were pretty strange singing "Happy Birthday" to her and dancing all around the room before her eyes even had time to adjust to the light. 
Apparently, the birthday excitement was contagious:
We had breakfast (pumpkin baked oatmeal and bananas for the birthday girl) before taking Olivia's 12-month photos and heading to church.  It was an extra special day for the birthday girl at church because she was finally old enough to partake in the nursery's graham cracker snack!

When we got home from church Grandma and Grandpa were there to join in the celebration.  We ate lunch before opening presents.  At first, Olivia wasn't so sure about ripping all that paper, but she caught on pretty quick!

She was thrilled with the Bitty Baby Grandma and Grandpa got for her and all the accessories we gave her.

Since Olivia didn't want anyone touching her baby, the kids thought they were pretty clever posing with its box:

After a quick picture with Grandma and Grandpa....
...it was finally time for CAKE!
By cake time, Olivia was more than exhausted...

...however, she didn't let sleepiness stop her from enjoying her cake!

More frosting than cake was consumed, but that was alright because I was happy to take care of the leftover cake (which tasted even more delicious than it looked!).

We knew she was done when she started spitting out cake.  Then, it was high time for a birthday afternoon nap.

We had a great time celebrating Olivia on her birthday! 
Happy First Birthday, Bug!
We love you!


Laurie J said...

such sweet pics. happy 1st bday, olivia!! love the hot pink and lime green together <3

Jen D said...

Thanks, Laurie!