Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Olivia's First Year

I have a whole slew of photos from all the first year birthday festivities this past weekend, but I thought I would start out with a little recap of Miss O's past year.  Apparently I wasn't really on the ball with much of anything until she turned three months old, so the first few pictures are as close to Olivia's one and two month mark that I could find.  And just for fun, I thought I would reveal the last photo I have of me pregnant with Olivia.  It was never before disclosed publicly because I felt so huge and couldn't even look at it myself, but now that over a year has gone by and I seem to have found my pre-preggo body once again, I guess I don't mind too much.  Here goes:

38 weeks pregnant at the MN Zoo

1 day old

A little over 1 month old

A little over 2 months old


Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

aww.. happy birthday Olivia! Crazy how fast that first year zooms by.

Jen D said...

Ah...Thanks Kelley! And I agree, I have NEVER had a faster year than this past one!