Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Week -- In a Nutshell

It's 6 AM on a Saturday morning and apparently the reason why I'm the only one up in the house is because I am the sole family member left that has not acclimated to the Daylight Savings time change. Does this mean I'm getting old? Oh well. It feels kind of nice to be sipping vanilla-flavored coffee in a completely silent house before the sun is even up.

It took the kids until about Thursday for their body clocks to adjust. However, by then they were all so sleep deprived that they were sleeping until well after 7 AM and had little to no interest in getting ready for school.

Olivia has had the diaper rash from the pit of Hades this week and has spent most of her mornings looking like this:

When my beloved Triple Paste failed to provide any relief for poor, red-bummed Olivia, I did what all good mothers do and summoned the powers of Facebook for advice. After sifting through all the comments from more experienced parents in the diaper rash arena (seriously, this is the WORST diaper rash any of my kids have EVER had), I decided baking soda baths, vaseline, and no more baby wipes were the way to go. I'm happy to report that she is much better, but the rash is still not gone. Thankfully, we have her 1-year well-check at the doctor's office on Monday, so I think I'm going to ask him to take a look. More than one commenter brought up the possibility of a yeast infection and I'm starting to think that may be what we are dealing with.

Moving on....

I received a phone call from Allie's teacher this week that went a little something like this:

Me: "Hello."

Mrs. K: "Hi--This is Mrs. K, Allie's teacher from school."

Me: "Oh, hi." (At this point I'm thinking, "Why in the world is the teacher calling me on a school day while Allie is at school??...Oh my gosh...she must have puked.")

Mrs. K: "Well, I'm just calling to see when you wanted our class to celebrate Allie's birthday...we can either do it before the Thanksgiving Holiday next Friday or the Monday after we return back from break."

Me: "Ummm...definitely before Thanksgiving. Definitely."

Mrs. K: "You know, I figured that's what you were going to say. Allie has been very excited about her birthday. In fact, we've been hearing about it every day for the last two weeks."

Me: "Really?" (, I wasn't surprised...AT ALL...but I thought maybe it was appropriate to act like I was).

Mrs. K: "Oh yes. We'll make sure to celebrate before break."

Thank you, Mrs. K....because now we don't have to live through an entire week of Allie verbally anticipating an additional birthday celebration at school. However, that also meant I had to take Allie out almost immediately to choose something to share with her classmates in celebration of her birthday. She picked Disney Princess and Cars necklace pens from the dollar section at Target. Seriously, where does she get this birthday psychosis from?! (If you did not pick up on the sarcasm from that last sentence, maybe you need to read my previous post...)

It has kind of been a stressful week at work for Ben. You know, just the typical stuff....while driving pile for a bridge at one of his construction sites, they struck an artisan spring well and then water started bubbling up from 30 feet underground and the whole job site was covered in water that continued to flow up until they could get some concrete in there to stop the water flow. Ben took several videos of the water (which resembled prehistoric bubbling mud) on his phone and Zach was especially fascinated by the whole thing. Every night he inquired to see the video and had a million and one questions for Ben about the underground river flowing through rock. So, apparently we just need to set the video to play on a loop and Zach would be completely occupied for hours and hours and hours.

Today was supposed to be spent cleaning up the yard and getting the Christmas lights on the house, but at the last minute Ben was invited to go along with a coworker to the Badger/Gopher game this afternoon. The only catch? Apparently I am invited to. It is no secret around these parts that I pretty much hate football with a passion. When Allie heard about the game, she was pretty shocked and proclaimed that I couldn't go because I hate football and went on to ask what in the world I would be doing for 3 hours in a football stadium. My thoughts exactly....however, I kept that comment to myself and told her instead that my love for Daddy surpasses my hatred of football...even if just only by a little bit.

I also resolved that if I had to sit in a football stadium for three hours, I had better look the part. So, I bought a Badger shirt (yes, I know technically I graduated from the U of M, so I should be a Gopher fan, but I'm pretty sure I've heard on the news once or twice this Fall that they stink and that the Badgers are actually having a great, if I'm going to a football game and have to pick sides, I would much rather pick the winning one. Plus, I would wear red and black any day over maroon and gold). And, that's all I'm going to say about it because I promised to myself that I wouldn't say anything else negative about the three hours of my life that are going to be completely stolen from me this afternoon. Plus, it seems my hatred of football is almost viewed as un-American by some people and since I should probably strive to make a good impression with Ben's coworkers, I'm trying my best to remain positive and patriotic.

"Go Badgers!" (See, I'm getting into the football spirit.)

And, now the sun is up and the house is silent no more. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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Mrs. Glam Madam said...

Either your life is really cute...or you have a great way of making it sound that way...I love reading your blog keep sharing... the stories are everything I look forward to in being a mom one day....*smile* brittanie