Monday, November 14, 2011

Reality Check

Just when I think the kids are growing up way too fast, I am reminded of how little they still are. 

This is what we found yesterday when we went to Allie's room to tell her dinner was ready:
Apparently, staying up an hour past her bedtime the night before to watch Rio with Grandma and Grandpa combined with a busy morning at church and an even busier afternoon spent outside helping Daddy put up the Christmas lights was all it took. 
And, for just a moment, I completely forgot that she is nearly six years I caught eye of her holding on to the same pink bedtime bear she's clung to since the day she fit snugly in my own arms.   

She still has the same chocolate brown eyes as her Daddy, the same little grin and sandy brown waves, the same dramatic flair for life with a vocabulary to match.......

And for just that one moment, time stood still.


She woke up approximately five minutes later with more attitude than a sixteen year old who has just been told she cannot borrow the car, resulting in the quickest dinner ever consumed and an extremely early bedtime.  


Kelley @ said...

What sweet pictures! Didnt seem to last too long though. Haha. :)

Kelley @ said...

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Award for you!