Monday, December 19, 2011

Another First for Olivia

Today we are celebrating an important milestone in Olivia's life....
Her hair is finally long enough to sport a pony-tail!
Granted, it is the smallest sprout-like gathering of hair I think I've ever seen, but it is a pony tail nonetheless and it just marks the beginning of her lifelong hairstyle adventures.
  She seems pretty thrilled with her new "do" and has kept it in all morning so far.

Now that we've conquered this milestone, I think its time we put all of our efforts into you learning how to walk on your own.  You may be a champ at cruising around the furniture, but holding your hand so that you can walk circles around the house for the majority of the day is beginning to wear on my back. 

Good thing you're cute...and the little sprout just makes you even cuter. 

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