Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Recap: Part 1

Now that we have officially cleaned up after the busy Christmas season (decorations put away, Styrofoam and wrapping paper bits vacuumed up, toys organized and put away, outside lights taken down, the last two Christmas cookies consumed, the last spoonful of peppermint ice cream licked clean), it is high time for me to put together our Christmas 2011 recap. 

Ben has had off all week from work and I intended to get around to the blog a lot sooner, but between a trip to MOA for the kids to spend their Christmas money (that has been burning a hole in their pockets), two whole days' of organizing and cleaning and laundry, a date lunch with Ben to PF Chang's followed by errands, an emergency shower faucet fix, lots of card games, new LEGO construction, hours spent reading new American Girl books, getting my new lap top up and running, late nights spent watching movies and catching up on the DVR, and sleeping in until the late hour of 7:15 am, I just haven't had as much free time as I originally anticipated. 

Plus, add to that a semi-miserable one-year old who is most definitely cutting her molars, a 4-year old that is so over tired he can barely speak a sentence without bursting out in tears, and a still overly- excited 6 year old who is determined to complete every single art project on the face of the earth by the time she returns to school next Tuesday, and you have yourself a recipe for chaos.  Fun chaos, but chaos nonetheless. 

Regardless, we've definitely enjoyed our time together this Christmas and are thankful to have a few more days before normal life chaos begins next Tuesday.  Although we have no real exciting plans for the long weekend ahead, I'm sure we'll find a way to keep busy...and if Ben and I don't come up with something, I'm certain there are three others living under this roof that will. 


Back to the Christmas 2011 Recap.

Christmas Eve was spent mostly with my parents.  We got all dressed up....

before heading out for a fabulous brunch at Pier 500 in Hudson, WI (seriously the best french toast and cheesy breakfast potatoes I have EVER eaten) followed by the Christmas Eve service at my parent's church. 

I was a little worried about how the kids would do, specifically because they all knew we would be opening presents that evening and I was concerned the excitement over finally being able to rip into the wrapped boxes that have been sitting in our living room all month would make them go crazy, but they all did great and yet again, proved me completely wrong. 

Olivia made it through most of the church service before I had to take her out because she was making kissing sounds ("mmmmwuah!") that were starting to become a little disruptive to those of us trying to listen to the message.  Zach, though a bit wiggly (probably because if he actually sat still, he would fall asleep), recognized several of the scripture passages and did not hesitate to tell us in a not-so-quiet voice that those are "MY VERSES!"  Allie was sitting next to my parents, so I'm not sure how she did, but I didn't hear her or really see her, so I'm guessing there wasn't a problem! 

When we returned back home, we ate dinner (thank goodness for Crock Pot Sloppy Joes), complete with Birthday Cupcakes for Jesus!

Olivia was NOT happy that we made her wait until after we sang "Happy Birthday" to blow out the candle and eat her cupcake.

Before opening presents, we read the Christmas story and opened up the very last door on our Advent Calendar. 

Olivia was thrilled to open the door and find Baby Jesus!

And then, it was present time!

The kids were thrilled with everything and it was fun to watch their excitement as they saw the special gifts picked out for them by us and their family. 

It was a little difficult to convince the kids to go to sleep on Christmas Eve, but they eventually succumbed to their over-tired little bodies and I'm pretty sure Ben and I flopped into bed shortly after making sure all the kids were sound asleep......

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