Monday, December 19, 2011

The First Kid Christmas Gifts Arrive

I love that the kids are finally getting to the age of fantastic homemade Christmas gifts.  Granted, they've been making gifts all month, so I have way more than I even know what to do with.....

Allie's pictorial rendition of me playing in an orchestra...I'm the flute player on the far right in case you couldn't tell
.....but the ones the teachers come up with and help them make at preschool and kindergarten always turn out so cute.  I'm sure someday I will have more of these than I will know what to do with as well, but for now our heirloom Christmas decor is just in its beginning stages.  

When Allie brought home her first homemade Christmas gift from kindergarten today and insisted I open it, I caved.
She told me that she just couldn't wait for Christmas for me to see what she had made...that it would be much too difficult for her to keep it a secret that long. She tried bargaining with me (I could open her gift if she could open one of hers--ha!), but when she realized I couldn't be talked into negotiating a deal, she told me that I just had to open her present early because it absolutely needed to be a part of the rest of our Christmas decorations.  Seriously, how could I say no?!  (Also, if you know me, it doesn't take much to convince me to open a gift...just sayin')

Lo and behold....the thumb print snow man candle holder that has now joined my arsenal of Christmas decor:
Allie informed me that I cannot burn the candle because it will melt the paint I should be aware that it is just a candle for decoration, not actual use. 
I'm anticipating the arrival of Zach's homemade gift from preschool later this week.  When I asked what it was he made, Zach told me it was a surprise.  However, he let the secret slip when not even two seconds later Allie asked him the same question.  So, here's hopin' for a super cute Christmas ornament to add to our tree! 

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