Thursday, December 1, 2011


At Allie's parent/teacher conference last week, the teacher gave me a notebook for Allie to take home and told me that the class would be starting weekly homework assignments.  At first I was a little taken aback...homework, in kindergarten?!  But, the basic idea is just to get the kids used to doing something school related at home a few times a week so that when real homework begins in first grade, they won't be too shocked (real homework starts in first grade?!  what?!). 

In addition to practicing writing her name and the date, Allie is supposed to write two fill-in-the-blank sentences.  Although she is only supposed to do four sentences total, I haven't told her that.  She is sooo excited by the idea of homework and requests to do it multiple times a day, so I let her.  I mean, really, how much harm can writing "The cats are _______" and "I have______" do?  I figure we won't always have this problem, so I'm willing to indulge her for now. 

 After Zach's parent/teacher conference, I've decided he really needs to learn to write his name. Although by the teacher's definition he is a "model student," I think it is high time for him to learn to wield a pencil correctly. Whereas Allie is always ready and willing to sit still while perfecting her fine motor skills, Zach would much rather jump and run and roll and yell and play. It has been a little bit of a struggle, but I've been able to get him to at least do some type of drawing/writing/maze tracing activity each day this week. I've already started to notice improvement and he is extremely proud when he sees the finished product of his efforts.


And because we don't want anyone to feel left out of homework participation, I've let Olivia have at it with the crayons and paper.  There's nothing like starting 'em out young!

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