Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Zach's Handmade Christmas Gift

Yesterday after Zach got home from preschool he trudged downstairs, grudgingly shed his coat and shoes, and after emptying the contents of his back pack he raced back up the stairs holding a white paper sack decorated with Christmas stickers. 

He was so excited for me to open his present, that I couldn't possibly let him wait all the way until Christmas.  He was extremely proud of the card he had made for us. 

He even wrote his name completely can't tell, can ya? 

Inside the package was an ornament for our tree featuring Zach as an angel....complete with a golden halo!

Zach didn't really understand why I started laughing uncontrollably when I opened his gift. I felt a bit bad, but I was just picturing this ornament hanging on our tree year after year after year....Zach's cute pudgy cheeks and smiling face peering up at me through the clear plastic with gold tinsel atop his four-year-old head. I have this strange feeling that some years Zach may be a little less "angelic" than others. And someday when he's married and has kids of his own, we will all sit around the tree and reminisce over this ornament, telling stories of when Zach was a kid, the angelic memories along with those not-so-angelic ones as well.

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