Thursday, December 22, 2011

Zach's Preschool Christmas Program

Last night after dinner Zach got all dressed up for his first ever preschool Christmas program.  He was extremely excited to wear his "Daddy clothes" and "wedding shoes." 
I knew getting dressed up was a big deal to Zach when he actually requested gel in his hair!
Zach has been telling us all about the songs he was going to sing at his program for a few weeks now. We've been practicing "Jingle Bells" and "Rudolph." He also taught us the words to "Mary Riding on a Donkey."

Zach likes singing and enjoys music, but I don't really think he sees the point in performing on a stage in front of a lot of people....well, that is, unless his performances induce fits of laughter in his audience.

Regardless, we were all excited to see his program, but before we left the girls also wanted in on a little of the photo action.

We arrived early to Zach's preschool so that we would have more than enough time to visit with Santa before Zach's portion of the Christmas program began.  Zach doesn't really see the point in Santa (and it took us a TON of persuasion to convince him that he probably shouldn't advertise to the world that Santa is just pretend), but when he realized Santa was giving out candy canes, he hopped on Santa's lap and obligingly told him he'd like some Cars 2 Legos for Christmas so that he could get his candy cane.

After Zach, Allie took her turn on Santa's lap.
I figured after Olivia had watched both kids climb up on Santa's lap that she would want a turn too, but I couldn't have been more wrong.  As soon as we started leading her closer to Santa, she began screaming bloody murder.  Apparently she is not a fan of the jolly old fellow at all.  She was extremely panicked that we were going to make her sit on his lap and every time we walked by, she got the most terrible look on her face!

After Santa, we headed to the gym to enjoy some Christmas cookies.  I'm pretty sure that this was Zach's favorite part of the evening and Olivia was more than relieved to put some extra distance between herself and the crazy psycho with a white beard.
After Christmas cookies, we met Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Chris in the lobby before going into the auditorium to find our seats for Zach's performance.  By this time, it was almost 7:00 pm and Zach was pretty tired.  We had a late night the evening before and it was definitely starting to show!  I think if we would have been at home, he probably would have requested an early bedtime. 

Despite his tiredness, Zach did a great job on stage.  I was curious to see if he would actually sing or not and I am happy to report that his mouth was moving almost the entire time.  Heck, he even participated in the hand motions!

Olivia was the most thrilled of all of us to watch Zach perform.  She couldn't stop waving at him and was clapping, dancing, and screeching the entire time Zach was up front. 

There are mostly boys in his class, so I think the teachers did a great job of harnessing all that high energy into fifteen minutes worth of Christmas carols and songs. 

It was a fun night and we were all proud of Zach's first big musical debut!  Way to go, buddy--we love you!

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