Sunday, January 29, 2012


I'm no good at being sick.  It goes without saying that no one likes being sick, but I'm simply just not good at the whole illness routine.  Instead of resting to get better, I simply live in denial of my illness, trucking my way through the day until I feel so horrible that I can't even take another step. 

That kind of happened yesterday...and then I crashed in bed for four hours in the middle of the afternoon (which is unheard of for me...I'm definitely NOT a nap person unless I'm preggo or super sick...and since I'm not preggo, that only leaves one option). 

I'm usually the very last person to come down with something in our family, but it seems this time I'm the first, which is kind of nice for a change because that means the other adult in the family is still fully functional, meaning the entire household doesn't go completely to pot while I lay around on the couch whining about how my head may explode any minute. 

After two full days of Mucinex D and more water than I ever drink, I am feeling better...not great, but better.  At least better enough to live in illness denial and clean the house while Ben hollers at me to sit down on the couch for a minute because it looks like I might pass out. 

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