Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Real January is Here

Remember all that talk last week about my certainty that I would just whiz past the January doldrums this year? 

Ya...well...spoke too soon...I take it all back.

Granted, I am not in the depths of despair.  Hardly.  However, it seems that with the onslaught of typical January weather, the likes that make you want to de-ice the inside of your nose after a mere 15 seconds outside, my apathetic winter attitude has seemed to rear its ugly head. 

Finagling floppy limbs into coat sleeves, searching for lost mittens, repeating "PUT YOUR THUMB IN THE THUMB HOLE" at least a dozen times a day, navigating the icy sidewalk with almost 50 pounds of weight on the right side of my body (27.2 pounds of that being a screaming child...because she apparently HATES winter attire...the other amount--which I am not going to figure out because, seriously, math is not my strong suit--is the weight of all the things I have to lug around in my bag daily to keep everyone clean, dry, well-fed, hydrated, and happy).......

These things are not fun things. 

I know it is temporary.  I know winter won't last forever.  I know it won't always take us close to a half hour to get ready to leave the house.

But, in and day out...the same thing. 

The same tantrum thrown because he can't get his coat zipped up just the right way.  The same yelling because he hit her with a boot...or maybe she hit him with a backpack.  The same screaming and shaking her head because she hates wearing a hat.

It never fails that someone has to use the bathroom just as we are heading out the door...either that or by the time we are actually ready to leave it is probable that at least one child has poop in his/her pants.

The same frustration because he can't buckle his seat belt with his coat on.  The same eye-rolling in response to my request to help him out.  And then, it never fails that within two minutes of being in the car, everyone strips themselves of their hats and mittens (occasionally their shoes as well) and then we get to redo the whole thing upon reaching our destination. 

All of it just makes me want to hide in a corner underneath a blanket with a bag full of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a pint of vanilla ice cream. 

There.  I'm done.

And, now, for your viewing enjoyment, I bring to you Zach's igloo crafted out of sugar cubes and frosting:

If you look closely, you will discover that this isn't a typical igloo model.  In fact, according to Zach, it is an exact replica of the city of Jericho (see the buildings inside):

Surprisingly, Jericho made it home uneaten.  Apparently the teachers informed the kids that the sugar and frosting they used were nasty.  When Allie wanted to try a taste, Zach screamed that it was poison.  I guess when dealing with a class of 20 four-year-olds (15 of them boys), desperate measures must be taken to insure minimal sugar consumption.  Seriously, I don't blame them. 

Except, I could really use some sugar right about now......

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Christa said...

I will join you under the blanket with Andes mints and ice cream:) Amen to your post!