Thursday, January 19, 2012


On days like today I wish I could tell my car that there is some information better kept confidential.  I don't think it was to anyone's benefit this morning to discover it was exactly 14 degrees below zero outside. 

And, Mr. Weatherman, I really don't care to know that when I step outside, I will be ambushed by an arctic blast that will make it feel closer to thirty degrees below zero.  Although informative, Mr. Reporter standing outside at 5:00 am in the morning, I could really care less that your cup of 144-degree hot chocolate froze solid in less than a half hour. 

Today I am especially thankful for down parkas with faux-fur lined hoods, up close parking spots at the grocery store, the remote start feature on our car, fleece-lined gloves, and an extra hour of free time while Grandma picks up the big kids from school and takes them out for a McDonald's lunch. 

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Christa said...

I took a picture like this too! Then I sent it to my brother in San Francisco for sympathy. Yes, ignorance is bliss. I had to decide if I should run errands in the freezing cold today or in the snow tomorrow. Of course I have to return something so both days! I love thinsulate!