Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Update

I'm thankful to be tackling this last week of January.  I was anticipating another busy week, but was surprised to find Allie actually has off school Thursday and Friday.  Granted, the "Allie Off School" label has been on the refrigerator calendar for quite some time, but I kind of forgot about it until Sunday night when I was getting things ready for the week. 

Allie was a little perturbed that her days off school this week did not coincide with Chinese New Year.  Allie has her very own calendar in her bedroom and is insistent that she should receive every single holiday off school.  When I told her we weren't Chinese, so we wouldn't be celebrating Chinese New Year, she seemed irritated.  In Allie's world, there is no excuse for not letting any holiday go uncelebrated, Chinese or not.  The only reason she's alright with having to go to school on Valentine's Day is because I informed her that her class would be having a party.  Then she inquired about Groundhogs Day.  Basically, I'm starting to question if her ability to read and her having her own calendar are good things.

With the recent snowfall (a whole whoppin' 2-3 inches), Allie has also taken to wearing her snow boots to and from school.  While I thought she was wearing them to keep her feet warm and dry, I discovered that was not the case at all.  "Mom," she told me, "Did you know that you can chit-chat with the other girls while you change out of your boots and into your shoes at school?"  Great.  So, at the tender age of six years old, shoes have already become more about socialization than mere practicality. 

Thankfully, you're still cute, Allie-babe.
And, I'm ever so grateful to your dance instructors who let you try on your recital costume approximately 4.5 months prior to your dance recital.  Because they don't have to live with you, they have no idea what it is like to hear about every single ribbon, bow, sequin, sparkle, ruffle, and piece of tulle from now until June.  Like I said....thankfully, you're still cute. 

Surprisingly, we do have two other children besides Allie. 

This week I signed Zach up for his final year of preschool next year.  He will graduate from Green class to Blue class in addition to attending three mornings a week instead of two.  He is also thrilled to have the opportunity to eat lunch at school with the other kids on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  In fact, he was upset to discover this morning that he was still in Green class.  I think he assumed that since we turned in his paperwork yesterday that he would automatically be in the Blue class today.  September seems light years away in his world. 

It also seems Zach is a lot smarter than he would like us to think.  After just a little over three weeks of concentrated effort, he can identify almost every single letter of the alphabet and write his name.  In fact, I'm discovering there are letters and numbers I haven't even worked on with him yet that he is able to identify and write.  This is a HUGE improvement from just two months ago when I went to his preschool conference and the teachers informed me he could only identify the letter Z (which, to be honest, they weren't worried about....and neither was I....until I realized that Zach was capable of a lot more than he wanted anyone to know). 

I still have to be pretty creative in our "homework" time together....mostly because Zach can only sit still for approximately 2 minutes, if I'm lucky.  Also, he is not a fan of the traditional "book" learning that Allie seems to thrive on.  I have to be pretty creative, often thinking outside the box, to come up with "games" that incorporate the things we're focusing on.  We do LOTS of mazes to work on writing and this morning I came up with a treasure map ABC game that we did.  Nothing is very elaborate, in fact, most of it I think of in the moment.  I also have to walk that fine line between encouraging him to work a little longer and not pushing him too much.  So far, so good.

Olivia is still playing the role of happy baby.  We have started to see the "tantrum" emerging, but it only rears its ugly head when we have to put her coat on or we tell her "no."  Which, honestly, both happen quite often.  She's officially running around the house and is getting sneakier about swiping the kids' things.  She's also been telling me when she has poop in her diaper (like you really want to know all the gory details of her every bowel movement) and I'm secretly wishing for an early, easy potty trainer (because, in my experience, there is little I hate more than potty training) and that 2012 will be the last year of diapers for this family.  I can hope, at least.

She has a newfound love for coloring and will sit and read books with you for as long as you will read.  In fact, she almost always cries when we say we are all done reading books, whether we've read one book or twenty.  She's constantly surprising us with her emerging vocabulary and while I'm certain her words may be unintelligable to others, we've caught her saying things like mermaid and thank you.  Her other favorite pastime is identifying everyone's eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and hair by pointing and naming them.  Often the person being identified gets a little chubby baby pointer finger in their eye or up their nose. 

Although I wasn't really planning on a kid update post, it looks like that is what I've got.  Time for blogging has been at a minimum while I've been busy with life in general.  Often when I do get a chance to catch my breath, I'd rather spend it with a good book or a good movie.  And, more often than not, I end up falling asleep in the middle of them.

Except....not the "Hunger Games."  I reread the first book for the second time in approximately 24 hours.  So much for "enjyoing" the book!  Ha!  But, now I guess I'm ready for the movie when it comes out in March. 

Anyway, I need some new book suggestions.  Anyone have any recommendations?  I'm really looking for a good story that I can just decompress with...something to enjoy at the end of a busy day without having to put too much thought into it.  Let me know if you have anythning you've enjoyed recently!

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Danielle & Vandenn said...

Allie is so cute in her ballet outfit! It's adorable and I can see why she'd be so excited!

As for book suggestions, I don't really have much, but have you read The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls? It's the most recent that I read. It's an auto-biography. If you come up with any good reads, please let me know!