Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kalahari Recap

While all three kids are sleeping (During the day?!  Yes!  I know!  I'm as in shock as anyone!), I finally have time to post about our trip last week. 

Wait...scratch that...Olivia just woke up.  It was a very glorious 15 minutes while it lasted. 

Anyway, since she does seem to be happily playing away in her crib despite the half emerged bottom left molar, I'm going to continue right along as if I'm ignorant to the fact that she's awake.  Ben is working late tonight and since it is still a very long time until the 8:00 pm kids' bedtime, I'm going to make the most of every single minute remaining of quiet time. 

Alright...Kalahari update time....

This year we were able to stay in a suite that had two separate bedrooms and it was nice to be able to put the kids to bed at their normal bedtimes while Ben and I stayed up a little later watching movies and eating peanut butter fudge ice cream.  Although I enjoy the time we got to spend as a family all together on vacation, I told Ben that my absolute favorite part of each day was collapsing on the bed next to him in my pj's, Styrofoam ice cream bowls with plastic spoons in hand, and watching movies until far too late knowing that the kids would still be up at the crack of dawn the next morning ready to hit the pool. 

During the day, though, there was much to see and do.  The kids were just as enamored by the surroundings of the resort as we were...

It's amazing that we can spend three days, never walk outside, yet not feel cooped up at all.  The place is gigantic...and with all the fountains, trees, sculptures, and animals (yes, one day they actually had live baby cheetahs and baby kangaroos) we almost felt like we had hopped a plane to the jungle...a very tame jungle, that is.

One of the kids' favorite things was the breakfast buffet each morning.  They loved picking their own pancake toppings that always included chocolate chips, M&Ms, whipped cream, and strawberries. They were even allowed to have a donut on the side. 
Olivia mostly enjoyed the coloring (and even insisted upon holding her crayon like the big kids!) and saying "cheese" for the camera while waiting for her food from the buffet.

Since Zach is definitely not a morning person, there were no shots taken of him at breakfast. 

Most of our time was spent at the pool.  While Olivia was initially hesitant of the water, she warmed up to it pretty fast.  The kids enjoyed swimming and going down the slides in the kid areas most of all, but we were able to coax them into going down a few family tube slides as well.  Another favorite was the wave pool, but Olivia and I enjoyed riding the waves best while safe and snug in our intertube.

When we weren't enjoying the water park, you could find us hanging out in the arcade where we played countless games and accumulated far too many tickets while Olivia kept begging to ride the Alvin and the Chipmunks car ride again and again.

Next to the arcade was "Camp Kalahari" where there were all kinds of fun and free activities for kids Allie and Zach's age.  They were able to paint wind chimes, enter a coloring contest, play BINGO, and decorate sugar cookies.  They loved it!

We also spent time at the amusement park riding the ferris wheel, go-karts, and carousel in addition to playing at the indoor play park.  Olivia LOVED the carousel and Ben and I each took her on it multiple times.

During our stay we also had fun painting pottery, having a pizza and movie night complete with blue popcorn (we bought this microwavable popcorn that pops blue...and oh my...what a huge mess!  I have never been more thankful to NOT be eating popcorn in the comfort of my own living room!), and generally just enjoying the break from every day life to play and have fun. 

Getting away definitely does wonders for me, especially in the wintertime when we do start to feel that cabin fever.  It is nice to have vacation at home, but sometimes I find it difficult to relax because I'm surrounded by reminders of everything I should be doing (like laundry, cooking, cleaning, organizing, picking up, etc).  It is so good for me to get away so that I can simply focus on having fun with my family with no other responsibilities or things to distract my attention.  Plus, being at home feels that much more wonderful after time spent away! 

That is, unless, you are blind sided by the plague.  Thankfully, though, I think we may be closer to getting better than I originally thought.  The kids even felt well enough to make some valentines for their classes this morning.  Granted, they only ate jello and Popsicles for lunch, but the baby steps here are what is  important for my sanity!

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Oh my word - that picture of you holding Olivia - you are so SKINNY! Wow. I have to learn to like running on my treadmill.