Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Snow Storm That Missed Us...Again

It looks like the "big storm" of the season, you know the one that the meteorologists have been forecasting for the last week or so, is going to be another big miss.  Although I wasn't too excited about the prospect of a foot-plus of snow, I had already braced and prepared myself for the worst.  So now that only about 2 inches (if that) is expected, along with a bunch of slushy crud, I find myself a bit disappointed...mostly because I was looking forward to being snowed in...watching movies, lounging in pj's, coloring, reading books, and just plain hanging out doing nothing. 

Although it is not snowing outside, the gloomy, cloudy weather definitely has left me with little to no energy, so I decided to have a snow day in spirit this afternoon.  While Olivia is snoozing away in her crib, I put in a movie for the kids and I to veg out on.  And since I can only take so much Tinkerbell before my brain feels like it may explode, I'm using movie time to mindlessly search the web. 

I haven't spent too much time here lately, but life has been truckin' along.  I know we've been having an amazingly mild winter by Minnesota standards, but it is always at about this time of year that regardless of the weather, I'm more than ready for Spring.  I feel like we've just been going through the motions lately and frankly, more days than not, I just plain flat feel exhausted...mentally and physically. 

It may have something to do with the fact that Olivia has finally blossomed into a runner...the kind that runs all over the house just looking for things to get into and rip apart.  She loves rifling through the bathroom cabinets, specifically in search of "her" little brush.  By the time she finds it, though, she has usually emptied the entire drawer or cabinet of all its belongings.  She also loves to empty out her clothing drawers and more often than not, she can be found in our room emptying out our drawers as well. 

The big kids keep me on my toes too, mostly because by this time of year they are plain, flat bored.  I'm no help either because I feel like I've run out of ideas and energy to keep them occupied.  Hence...movie day today. 

We've gone through quite a few rounds of colds since the plague of three weeks' ago.  Thankfully the kids are better and I seemed to emerge unscathed, but Ben, who lost his voice almost completely this weekend, is still trying to get over his cold.  It probably does not help that work has been extremely busy.  Because of the milder weather, road crews have not yet taken a break for the winter season, meaning that at a time of year when Ben can usually focus his time on conferences, training, and planning for the upcoming season, he is instead busier than ever overseeing continuing work...and subsequently continuing problems that arise.   

Well, I think that about does it for today.  Thankfully, Spring is right around the corner and we have lots of fun things to look forward to in the next few months. 

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