Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Snowstorm That I Thought Missed Us, But Just Showed Up Late

Well, the snowstorm that I thought missed us made its appearance last night.  This morning we awoke to a scene of beautiful white.

We got about 5-6 inches of wet, heavy, slushy snow with a nice layer of ice underneath and it is still coming down (although, a lot less heavy, with not much more accumulation expected for the remainder of the day). 

While it wasn't enough to warrant a snow day for our school district, the roads were kind of icky this morning.  It definitely helps that I no longer have to worry about whether we are going to get stuck on our street in the minivan, though.  With our AWD Traverse, we can pretty much get through anything...which is helpful when I have to get kids to school before the plows have made it down our street. 

Today is laundry day and I'm hoping the power holds out long enough to get everything run through the washer and dryer. We had a few power surges this morning and even lost power for a few minutes (due to the snow, I suspect).

Today is also mustache day at school, so I helped Allie craft this masterpiece:

When I took the camera out, Olivia started declaring "CHEESE!  CHEESE!"  She was so cute, I couldn't resist a quick picture while she was finishing up her breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios, banana, string cheese, and milk.

Zach wanted in on the action too and made sure to employ his very own favorite camera pose.

Last night when it began sleeting, Zach asked what it would be called if big chunks of ice began to fall from the sky.  I responded, "Hail" to which he replied, "Hail?  HAIL?  But, isn't that the really scary place without Jesus?"  That boy cracks me up. 

On Monday night, he managed to grab onto the shower curtain during his shower (for about the one-hundredth-millionth time despite our warnings not to do so) and the whole curtain came toppling down on his head.  There were screams of panic.  There was water everywhere.  And then we had to finish showers while I held up the curtain because the tension rod that holds it up was completely busted.  To save me from having to hold up the shower curtain at 5:00 am the next morning while Ben showered, he volunteered to run out and get another tension rod after the kids went to bed that very night.  

Last week, while left alone with Olivia in the living room for a mere 10 minutes, he managed to haul out every single one of Olivia's toys from her bedroom, pile them on the floor in the living room, and somehow coaxed Olivia to the top of the toy mountain.  When I asked why he would do that, he responded, "Because Olivia needed to play."  When I said there was no need for him to bring every single toy out of her room, he responded matter-of-factly, "I didn't.  Her baby doll is still in her room."  Then he said he needed help picking up. 

It is a good thing he cracks me up, otherwise he might drive me insane.   

And, now I must go put in another load of laundry before I have to leave to pick up Allie from school.  I'm wondering if it would be too terrible to have another snow-afternoon today.  After all, it would actually be official this time....

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