Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Super Bowl, Kalahari, and Photos of O

While everyone else is watching the Super Bowl (or at least while Ben is trying to watch the Super Bowl as I half-heartily corral the kids), I thought I would spend some time updating. 

I only really pay attention to what's on the TV during the Super Bowl when the commercials come on...and so far I'm quite unimpressed. 

I've also been asked approximately 1,209 times since kick off (which was a mere 15 minutes ago) when we will be having our Super Bowl snacks which leads me to believe my updating time here may be quite limited.  Although I was unaware that it was my responsibility to provide special Super Bowl snacks, I fortunately picked up some Sprecher Root Beer and vanilla ice cream at the grocery store earlier today. Coming up....Root Beer Floats for all!

We just returned from our annual winter retreat to the Kalahari Indoor Water Park in Wisconsin Dells yesterday.  I use the word "retreat" quite loosely.  While most retreats involve some sort of tranquil rejuvenating break from the rigors of everyday living, ours has become more of an all-out escape from Winter.  And while there was absolutely nothing tranquil, rejuvenating, or calming about our getaway, we had TONS of fun running around in flip-flops and swimsuits, pretending like it was summer for the three days we were away.  We took lots of pictures and once I get around to editing those, I'll post more about our trip. 

Thankfully we had all day today to "recover" from our vacation.  After everyone slept in until after 7:30 am (completely unheard of around these parts), the kids spent the day in their PJ's playing happily with their toys.  Olivia caught up on all the sleep she missed while we were away by taking an over 3 hour nap.  She's been pretty crabby today and has been running a low-grade fever, but I'm fairly certain that the culprit is an almost emerging left molar.  I would have liked to stay in my pajamas today too, but the empty fridge and cupboards necessitated a run to the grocery store. 

As I was uploading our vacation pictures, I came across a few pictures I took of Olivia last week in a dress that was made for me by my Grandma when I was a chubby one-year-old.  For some reason, I never got around to dressing Allie up in it, but I took it out last week and got Olivia to pose for some pictures.  For comparison's sake, here's the photo of me:
And, here's Olivia:

I'm not sure that there is too much of a resemblance minus the whole chub factor that both O and I have going for us. 

Anyway, once Allie caught wind of photos being taken, she insisted upon a sisters shot:

Alright, it seems my blogging time is now up....things are getting a little unruly and patience for the special snack is growing thin.  We'll see how much more I get to tonight, but my guess is that this may be it.  Time for Root Beer Floats!

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