Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Prep

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and we're excited!

In fact, I love Valentine's Day...always have and always will!

There is absolutely nothing a Valentine Scrooge can say that will sway my opinion.  In fact, if you're a Valentine-hater, you should just stop reading right now.  There will definitely be way more red and pink in this post than you may be able to stomach!

Pinterest gave me way, WAY more ideas than I was even able to conquer in preparation for Valentine's Day.  I just kept running across so many cute Valentine ideas and crafts in addition to countless yummy treats.  I think it will probably take at least 10 Valentine's Days before I utilize everything that I pinned. 

Anyway, I did follow through with two ideas. 

For the kids' classroom Valentines, I used the idea for paint-swatch Valentines and came up with these nifty Valentine bookmarks that the kids helped create:

I usually just buy the Valentines, but we all had a blast stamping and stickering these creations.  The kids will take these to school tomorrow, along with some Hershey Hugs and Kisses to share with their classmates.

I know the kids will have TONS of treats tomorrow, but I wanted to make something a little extra special to share at home.  I was looking for a treat with minimal preparation and came across these Sweet Swirl Cookies of Love.

The biggest reason I chose these cookies was because of the lack of frosting.  I assumed "no frosting" meant easy prep, and although these weren't too terribly hard to assemble, they were a bit putzy at times...especially as my dough kept ripping while I was creating the cookie roll.

We sampled a few after lunch today and unanimously agreed that they are just as delicious as they look!

I've already received one early Valentine from Allie:

And I had a lot of fun putting together little Valentine boxes for the kids to open tomorrow morning:  complete with candy, a Valentine, and a little prize. 

This past weekend my Valentine treated me to a fun getaway.  Ben's work had their annual awards ceremony and in addition to a delicious steak dinner and mouthwatering cheesecake for dessert, we also got to spend the night in the historic St. Paul Hotel.  It was fun to get all dressed up and have an adult-only night while the kids partied it up at Grandma and Grandpa's.  It was definitely perfect timing for a night away. 

On our way to pick up the kids on Sunday we were reminiscing about our newlywed days and decided to make a stop at the Donut Hut, the absolute BEST donut shop, that is located near where we used to live when we were first married. 

As we were devouring our donuts, we drove by our old apartment that we moved into almost nine years ago and talked about how everyone always tells you that time flies, but you don't really believe them until it happens to you. 

I mean, it seems like you get married one day, move into an apartment, start a job, get a cat, start grad school, get another cat, finish grad school, get another job, get pregnant, buy a house, have a baby, get rid of your cats, buy a mini van, have a second baby, paint your house, start another job, have a third baby, remodel your bathroom, trade in your mini van for a crossover, talk about planning your ten year anniversary getaway....and even though you still feel very much like those newly married 22 year olds, *bam* are now checking the age 30-35 box when filling out surveys or applications.  Pure craziness. 

However, this Valentine's Day and every day, I'm happier than ever to be sharing that craziness with my best friend! 

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Laurie J said...

sweet. love those paint card bookmarks
'trading in the minivan for a crossover' lol. haven't done that yet but want to someday! happy vday