Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day Recap

Valentine's Day definitely did not disappoint this year. 

Well, actually, the roses that showed up half-dead were a bit disappointing, but Ben and I had a good laugh over the whole ordeal. It was thoughtful that he planned ahead and ordered the flowers weeks ago, but when a FedEx Truck showed up and we realized my flowers just may have been sealed in a box for that same amount of time, we couldn't help but laugh. 

Despite their wilty appearance, I insisted upon putting them in a vase even though half of them had to be tossed because the petals were brown and falling off. 

The absolute BEST part was when I picked up a stem to discover there was no rose attached at was simply a petal-less stem.  We were laughing so hard at this point we were crying and could barely speak! 

Lesson learned:  do not order from ProFlowers.  However, after Ben sent them a picture of the flowers along with a disappointed e-mail, they refunded him in full and then he made up for it with these:
Totally fine by me...I'm more of a chocolate girl than a flower girl anyway.

The kids were absolutely thrilled with their Valentine goodie boxes.

After breakfast and successfully carting everyone off to school, Ben arrived home to watch Olivia so that I could help out at Allie's Valentine's Day Party.  It was a lot of fun to see how excited the kids were for party day.  I was in charge of the ice cream sundae station along with another mom.  Needless to say, the kids were all pretty thrilled about eating ice cream at 10:30 in the morning!

After picking everyone up from school, we headed home for heart-shaped ham and cheese sandwiches complete with pink-sugar-sprinkled applesauce and our divine Valentine's cookies.  Olivia was THRILLED about the cookies.  Just seeing them in the cupboard made her giggle!
After just a few bites,she morphed into the cookie monster.
The kids were pretty excited to go through their Valentine goodie bags from school.  They spent the majority of the afternoon going through cards and candy, sticking on stickers and requesting help being temporarily tattooed. 

I decided to pose with my littlest Valentine before her afternoon nap time.
I was also impressed by the Valentine drawing Zach brought home of Mickey Mouse.  He is not really that much into arts/crafts or drawing in general, so we were all probably a little too excited to see that his drawing actually resembled a mouse!
We decided to be brave and go out for dinner...all five of us...on Valentine's evening.  I was a little concerned, but when we arrived at our favorite local Mexican food restaurant, we realized we weren't the only family with little kids who had the same idea!  We were relieved to see so many toddlers, babies, and preschoolers eating dinner with their parents.  The kids were thrilled with all the cheesy Valentine's decorations:  paper hearts and doilies, fake roses, and dozens upon dozens of helium balloons.  We all had a fun evening filled with more chips and queso than anyone should be allowed to eat! 

By the time we arrived home, it was nearly time to put the kids to bed.  After showers were taken, teeth brushed, Bible stories read, prayers prayed, and little heads were on pillows, Ben and I devoured every last one of those wonderful hand-dipped truffles without sharing a single morsel with the kids.  And, then we had gut-rot, but that is beside the point.  They were delicious.  Until next Valentine's Day, I suppose.....

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