Sunday, March 18, 2012

Allie Lost...

She's a little self-conscious of the big hole in her mouth, but I reasurred her that it is stinkin' adorable!
Actually, her tooth has been loose for quite a few weeks and after seeing it dangling in her mouth last night and watching her wiggle and yank to no avail, I just couldn't take it any more.  When she took me up on my offer to pull it, I gave one quick yank.  She started screaming that she wanted me to take my hands off her tooth, but when she looked down and realized I was holding it in my hand, she just started laughing. 
Allie is fully aware that the tooth fairy is pretend, but she still enjoys playing along.  Unfortunately, Ben and I realized at about 9:00 pm that neither one of us had any cash on hand for the tooth fairy to produce in exchange for the tooth.  We decided to leave jelly beans with an IOU note instead, but when Ben went to her room to make the exchange, he found this note that Allie had written especially for the tooth fairy.

After we stopped laughing, I penned a new note in response.

She was THRILLED beyond belief that the Tooth Fairy wrote her a response...and apparently after a conversation with her this evening she is planning on regular correspondance!  Oh...and she also proceeded to make a craft out of the note and circled all of her "sight" words she has learned at kindergarten. 
You never cease to crack me up, Allie-babe!

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