Friday, March 9, 2012

The Infirmary

I have discovered this week that the only thing worse than being so sick that you feel like you can't move, is being so sick that you feel like you can't move and realizing you still have to force yourself to move because there are kids that need to go to school, diapers that need to be changed, and tummys that need to be filled.  Oh the joy of responsibilities. 

Although Ben was able to take some time off this week to help me out, he still had his own responsibilities at work that required his attention and presence.  During his absence, the Disney Channel, PBS, and Nikelodeon were my best friends. And, I was actually far too sick to feel much guilt over the kids' watching four hours straight of television. 

This week has been rough...102.8 degree fevers that last for over 48 hours are rough...throats that are on fire and coughing until you feel like your lungs may collapse is rough...sometimes being an adult, with all those responsibilities--it can be rough. 

Thankfully, although I'm not yet 100-percent, I am able to function...which is a vast improvement from how I was feeling on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Just in time, too, because Allie woke up last night with all of my symptoms, complete with a 103-degree fever. 

Zach and Olivia, although fever-free, are coughing as well.  And fever-free Ben is suffering from the same sore throat and nasty cough too.  In fact, this marks the third week in a row that he has had some sort of cold or sinus issue.  We just can't seem to get better around here!

Allie was a tremendous help to me this week.  In addition to helping me out with easy tasks like answering the phone and filling glasses of water, she also presented me with a fair share of get well cards and coloring sheets. 

Before she got sick herself, she was also more than willing to entertain Olivia.  Zach seemed to keep himself pretty busy on his own.

Hopefully we are finally on the up swing.  I'm not sure how much more sickness....or Dora the Explorer....I can tolerate. 


Danielle & Vandenn said...

Didn't you guys just recover from the plague? So sorry that you're sick again.Praying that you all get better quickly and that you stay healthy!!!

Jen D said...

Thanks, Danielle! We've had a rough few weeks with sickness here...hopefully this will be the last of it for a while.