Monday, March 5, 2012

Random Pictures

I have a few random pictures on my computer and since I can't seem to formulate a way to connect them into one coherent post, I'll give you the random mish-mash. 

Here goes:

These first couple are from Superbowl Sunday (ahem...almost a month ago).  Ben informed the kids that they had to watch the game if they wanted to eat football snacks.  So, the kids only watched about a half hour of the game along with Ben and I'm certain they only watched that much because they wanted to partake in the Chex Mix and Root Beer Floats

Random picture #2...we're all in our pj's at home...and I have seriously no idea when or why we took this...but it's cute nonetheless. 
Sometimes when I look at pictures like this I think, "Oh my gosh!  We have 3 kids?!  When did that happen?!" 

Olivia was having a pretty rough day yesterday after coming down with a horrendous cold.  She can't breathe out of her nose and because of all the coughing, she couldn't even fall asleep for her afternoon nap yesterday.  So, in a desperate attempt to brighten her day, all of us girls painted our toenails.  She was absolutely thrilled and even today keeps pointing at her toes and says, "oooohhhh!"  Apparently a mini-pedicure did the trick because we even got some smiles out of her (the first all day!). 

We've gotten into a habit of doing our "homework" each morning after breakfast.  We are all morning people (well, all except Zach), so this time of day seems to work out the best for everyone.  Even though Zach doesn't love mornings, I've noticed he can focus more clearly and does better with his letters and writing when he is well fed and well rested. 

Usually after our writing homework, Allie picks a book to read and Zach and Olivia enjoy listening along.  Today's pick?  "Are You My Mother?" 

Maybe I've already mentioned it, but Allie has decided to make it her goal to read 100 books.  With today's book we reached number 22.

And that brings us to the end of my pictures....which is good because I have a nose to wipe, a diaper to change, a Thomas the Tank Engine book to read, a couple snacks to get ready, and lunch to prepare before I have to leave to pick up Allie from kindergarten. 

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Laurie J said...

sometimes random pic posts are the best :) love the one of you and the 3 kiddos!