Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break Week

Spring Break, sadly, has come to an end all too quickly. I've had to remind myself several times this past week that it is only March and NOT Summer Vacation because of all the sun and warm weather!
We had a blast spending as much time as possible outside. In between grilling hot dogs and hamburgers and chicken and teriyaki pork kabobs, we also flew kites, rode bikes, went on walks, played at the park, and ran in endless circles around the backyard.....

We also spent a fair amount of time cleaning up the yard and clearing out our garden beds...which was a good thing because we found that most every single one of our perennials were already peaking out of the ground...

At this rate, Ben and I are both thinking we may have to break out the lawn mower next weekend!  And, if we do get more snow or extreme cold, we are in trouble because we definitely don't have enough covers for all of our plants.
Although hesitant to even step on the grass at first, by the end of this week, it was fun to watch Olivia run around the back yard, desperately trying to keep up with the big kids despite her obvious disadvantage of her much shorter legs.
My favorite outside moment, however, was when Allie took up the baseball bat, assumed position, and tossed Zach the whiffle ball and asked him to pitch.  Zach threw the ball in her direction, hitting her square in the forehead!  At first, Zach just stared at Allie, not quite sure how to respond, but when I began laughing uncontrollably, he quickly joined in as well.  Allie, needless to say, was not amused that she was the object of our belly-aching laughter.  Still, it was hilarious, especially because Zach had no intention of hitting Allie...he just had a lucky shot!
We did have a few days of rain this past week, which was ok because there was still laundry to be done and floors to be vacuumed and a bathroom to be cleaned.  Sometimes it is easy for me, especially when Ben is on vacation as well, to forget that we actually have to do things around the house otherwise we run out of things like clean underwear and ketchup. 
However, since I was able to get the laundry done and go to the grocery store, we decided to head to Mall of America to spend one of those few gloomy mornings.  We visited the must-see stores first (Disney, Lego, and American Girl) before doing a little shopping for summer clothes.   Ben and Zach secured some pretty awesome head wear that they were more than happy to show off. 

Then, it was lunch at the food court where the kids chose (surprise, surprise)....McD's complete with My Little Pony and Transformer toys!
After lunch we decided to give the Sea Life exhibit at MOA a try.  Although it can't really compete with the zoo (even though it cost about the same--good grief), we were still glad we saw it.

The main attraction is a large aquarium that we could walk through and it was pretty cool to see sharks, sea turtles, and all kinds of fish swimming over our heads and all around us.  Plus, it was fun to see Olivia point to all the fish and then later proclaim, "Tuhr-tuh!" (her newest word).

Although we had a great Spring Break, Allie did admit today that she is excited to get back to school.  So, tomorrow, we will be up bright and early (not that much different from Spring Break...apparently our kids don't understand the concept of "sleeping in") getting ready for school.  The forecast for tomorrow:  rain and temps in the forties.  Definitely a good thing...because it would be a lot harder to say goodbye to Spring Break if it still looked like summer outside.  

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