Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ben's New Toy

The glorious spring weather definitely has Ben itchin' to get out on the golf course.  However, he wanted to get some practice swing time in before hitting the real greens.  So, enter ginormous golf-ball-catcher-net that is conveniently hidden located behind our garage.....

Although he has yet to convince me to take up the sport of golf, he's been giving the kids a few pointers in hopes of converting one of them. 

Actually, while we were engaged I did invest in a set of clubs with the full intention of learning how to golf so we could enjoy the sport together.  I went to the driving range to practice my swing and *surprise* I didn't hate it.  I even worked up the nerve to go along with Ben to a Par 3 a couple of times.  While I enjoyed spending time with Ben and being outside, taking up the sport of golf for those few short months only reinforced what I already knew from the time I was on the fourth grade girls' basketball team and scored a basket for the wrong team:    Ball sports and I just do not mix. 

I think for now I'll stick with running and leave the balls to Ben (yes, yes indeed, I did just write that).

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