Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Breakfast and Good Friday

I love the idea of a special breakfast on Easter morning, but we are rushed enough as it is trying to get out of the door to make it to church on time and adding a big, home cooked breakfast to the mix just seems like adding more chaos.  So, this year I decided to have our special Easter morning breakfast, in our jammies, on Saturday instead. 

The highlight of the morning were my bunny-shaped cinnamon rolls out of a can.  Oh yes...I'm classy like that...I love me a good canned pastry. 

Although I neglected to make the ears long enough and the end result resembled Minnie Mouse more than a bunny, the kids didn't seem to mind at all. 

After breakfast, we opened our last Resurrection Eggs.  This is the fourth year we've done these eggs leading up to Easter and the kids get really excited as they anticipate what is in each egg and how it represents a part of the Easter story. 

To reinforce the truths of Easter, our church also held a special Good Friday service for kids that illuminated the gospel story.  I was amazed at how much our kids took away from the half-hour journey through several stations that included making palm branches and shouting Hosanna, placing stones in our shoes that represent the sins we carry around with us, digging for treasure and discovering a glow stick that is the "light of the world," emptying our shoes at the foot of the cross to symbolize our sins being transferred to Jesus, washing our dirty hands clean at the cross, and seeing the empty tomb and discovering Jesus is alive. 

The stones in his shoes made quite an impression on Zach and I think for the very first time he truly understood how serious sin is and what it means to trust Jesus and have him take our sins.

Although we enjoy the fun things that come along with Easter, I'm most thankful for the times we are able to consider the significance of what Jesus has done for us and share those together as a family.

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