Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Letter to my Youngest

Dear Olivia,

Make no mistake about it, you are cute.  Probably too cute for your own good.  So cute, in fact, that you make it your mission everywhere we go to ensure that someone comments on your cuteness.  You have an almost one hundred percent success rate.  Most likely due to the fact that you will not give up your shenanigans until a stranger smiles and waves back, then turns to the person she's with, and whispers how cute you are. 

Cuteness aside, I do however have a bone to pick with you.  Why, oh why, besides cuteness, have you decided your sole mission in life must be to strip yourself of your socks and shoes whenever you have the chance? 

You sit in your car whip off your shoes and socks.  You sit in the grocery go the shoes and socks.  We go on a walk...I have to watch the ground lest I run over your shoes and socks with the stroller.  Socks with pajamas?  No have those socks off before we can even finish your bed time story.

At first, I admit, the whole take-your-shoes-off bit was pretty cute, but now, dear Olivia, I am weary of replacing your shoes and socks every five seconds.  I honestly think you are giving me carpal tunnel due to the shear amount of times I have to re-Velcro your shoes on any given day.  Your brother and sister, too, are growing weary of searching for your socks everywhere we go.

Maybe you are not aware, but your shoes are not exactly disposable.  Your feet are so dang chubby that in the event we discard one, I cannot simply run to Target to pick up a new pair.  There is no way that even half of your foot could be crammed into a normal-sized shoe.  No, bug, you need extra-wides, and my dear, extra-wides are never cheap. 

So in the interests of everyone's sanity and the well-being of our pocket book, let's see if we can refrain from incessant shoe removal.  I promise, I'll think you are even cuter with your shoes on.

With all my love,

P.S. - Although it is probably best to only address one problematic issue at a time, I would also like to bring it to your attention that filling your diaper to overflowing, while seemingly the most effective way to warrant an immediate bath, is really not the best way to win over the sanity of your mother. 

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