Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend...So Far

So far we've been having an excellent Memorial Day Weekend.  Since we aren't traveling this year, we've spent most of our time at home. 

Yesterday we went on an early morning family bike ride and just barely beat the thundershowers that moved in for the remainder of the day.  Although we arrived home a little wet, we were all in good spirits.  We spent most of the rest of the day catching up on household chores together before heading out to run some errands and hitting up Outback Steakhouse for dinner.

Unfortunately, Zach came down with a mild fever and sore throat last night, reminiscent of Allie's mystery illness from a couple weeks ago, so we decided to stay home from church this morning. 

Ben spent most of the morning attempting to redo one of the gutters on our house in an effort to avoid future water-in-the-basement-crises.  The kids had fun helping him dig a hole in the front yard, cut PVC pipe, and bury the pipe near our gutter.  Now, hopefully, the water coming down from the gutter on the corner of the house will funnel into the PVC pipe and ultimately drain further away from our foundation and not directly into our basement. 

Today was unseasonably HOT for Minnesota:  near 90-degrees!  So, after lunch (and some much needed ibuprofen for Zach) we again decided to break out the blow-up pools and spent the majority of the afternoon out in the backyard.  The only time the kids ventured out of the water was to enjoy some patriotic Popsicles. 

Then, we Ben decided to rustle up a campfire...

...and cook hot dogs (complete with cheese and wrapped in crescent rolls) for dinner.

Although dinner was a hit, dessert was even better:  Campfire Smores!

The inventor of the Reese's PB bar is a genius!

First, we roasted the marshmallows to perfection. 

Then, we indulged!

Olivia has never had a smore before and it was hilarious to watch her inspect every inch of the concoction before diving in.  It came as no surprise to any of us that she managed to find the chocolate buried under the graham cracker and marshmallow and stuffed it into her mouth first!

I think it is safe to say that our Memorial Day Weekend Campfire Dinner was a success!

Now we are inside cooling off while watching a Tinkerbelle movie.  The kids are pretty excited about the fact that they are getting to stay up past their bedtimes. 

Once it gets dark, Ben has one more surprise in store for them.  FIREWORKS!  Not the illegal type, of course.  Mostly, Ben is super excited for July 4 and since our first ever backyard ground fireworks display last year, he has been itching to do it again.  So...when he saw fireworks on sale at the grocery store, he just couldn't resist.  Hopefully the risk of some more thunderstorms doesn't put a damper on his plans!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Preschool Green Class Graduation

Last Day of Preschool - May 2012
First day of Preschool-Sept. 2011

This Thursday we celebrated Zach's preschool graduation from Green Class. Looking at the above pictures, I can't believe how much he has grown up over this past year! He started the year out extremely shy and nervous about even going to school and this past Thursday he was so sad to see the year coming to an end. I've also been thrilled to hear him talking more about the kids in his class and all the things he is learning. 

By his cubby

The teachers compiled a book of each student's work to give to the kids and Zach couldn't wait to show his to us.  He's still a little upset with me because I told him he couldn't keep it in his room, but we would instead put it in his file where I keep other special projects and papers. 

After watching all the kids process into the chapel...

....they performed a short song...

....before receiving their award certificates from Miss Karin and Miss Stephanie for completing Green Class.

I know that Zach has a hard time standing up in front of everyone, so I was especially proud of him for singing along and doing his best despite being nervous. 

After the ceremony, we all headed into the gym for Popsicles.  Even though we couldn't eat our Popsicles outside (because it had been raining all night and would continue to rain all day...amounting to some crazy total of 5 inches in 24 hours...also bringing water into our basement...ugh), that didn't seem to bother the kids enjoyment of their special treat. 

It was a fun morning and Zach is already looking forward to another year of preschool, this time as a member of the Blue Class, next year. 

Congratulations, Buddy!  We're all so proud of you!

Look Who's Sportin' Pigtails!

Yes, they may be the smallest pigtails you have ever seen, but they are pigtails nonetheless. 

And, she really likes that everyone compliments them...especially Allie and Zach.

And then, in the blink of an eye, we have a MAJOR meltdown...

...which seems to be the theme of the week. 

How you can go from happy-adorable to complete meltdown status in less than two seconds will always be a mystery to me.  At first I thought it was those pesky eye teeth making their appearance, but now I'm thinking it may be that you are finally realizing you have power...power to influence situations and try to demand your way when things aren't going according to your plan. 

Don't want your diaper changed?  Writhe and Scream!

Don't want the snack that is offered to you?  Throw it and Scream!

Don't want to get in your carseat?  Arch your back and Scream!

Don't want Zach touching you?  Hit and Scream!

Don't want Allie near you?  Pull her hair and Scream!

Don't want to come to Mommy?  Run the other direction and Scream!

Don't want to hold Mommy's hand?  Throw yourself on the floor and Scream! 

Oh, bug-a-boo, it has been a rough week for us all. However, you should be aware by now that your tactics aren't working out for you.  Add to that the fact that your mommy is way, WAY more stubborn than you will ever be and you have a lose-lose combination. 

Now that we have that out of the way, let's just focus on how cute you are in those pigtails:

Crazy Hair Day

Tuesday was crazy hair day at Zach's preschool.  He requested a mohawk and although I did my best, he ended up just having sticky-up hair all around. 

At first, he was a little self-conscious of how crazy his hair looked and initially refused to go to school until he took a shower to wash all the gel out.  After I persuaded him to go to school and he arrived to lots of compliments from his teachers and friends, he seemed to be pretty proud of his new do.  Plus, when he saw all the other boys in his class sportin' similar spikes, he was no longer worried he would be the only one participating in crazy hair day. 

Next year, however, he wants spikes AND colors.  Oh boy.

Never A Dull Moment

This week's excitement is brought to you by Allie's finger:

On Tuesday afternoon while we were reading together, I looked down and noticed her finger looked like this:

By Thursday, when it hadn't gotten any better (in fact, after looking at this picture, it had definitely gotten more red and swollen with lots more pus...sorry, probably TMI), we decided to head to the doctor.

The doctor took one look and immediately put her on which she immediately complained about. 

The doctor's response?

"Well, we could just cut it off."  (I think I love this doctor!)

Allie no longer has any complaints about taking the antibiotic. 

Today, her finger is MUCH improved...although, we still don't know when or why or how her finger got infected in the first place (my guess is a pulled hangnail).

Griller In Training

Since one of his life's ambitions is to grow up and become a griller, Zach began official grilling lessons this past week.  He is beyond thrilled to see one of his life-goals coming to fruition. 

His other big dream, to watch a thunderstorm in the garage, came true last weekend when our campfire plans got rained out and we ended up eating marshmallows and chocolate in the garage to the soundtrack of our very own thunderstorm in addition to Garth Brooks' "The Thunder Rolls" courtesy of Ben's phone.

If only it would always remain this simple to make his dreams come true....