Sunday, May 6, 2012

And Over a Week Later... looks like I may have time to actually post our pictures from Arizona.  But, not without first filling you in on our week.

First of all, this little cutie officially graduated from her highchair to the kitchen table.

She absolutely loves her new place at the table...I think it really does make her feel more a part of the family. Although I love that cheesy little grin, I am not so much in love with the increase in food shmear and arms/legs becoming stuck in the back of the chair.  I'm not even sure "shmear" is a word, but I don't know what else to call it when kids mush up their food between their fingers and proceed to paint the table and chair with it no matter how many times you tell them "no" or provide them a napkin for shmearing purposes.  On the bright side, food shmear works as a pretty good lubricant when trying to free chubby toddler thighs. 

Let's see, moving on....

Whenever I return from a vacation where there is a lot of eating-out, I find my desire to spend time in the kitchen increases.  Thus, instead of making a single batch of cookies to share with my dear friend who just had baby #4, I made a double we had cookies, cookies, EVERYWHERE!
The kids and Ben didn't seem to mind the multitudes of cookies.  I even had leftover dough that I scooped into portions to freeze for later.  However, Ben informed me that I should have just baked them all right away because he's pretty sure he'll be wanting those cookies sooner rather than later. 

And, I am pleased to report that although I enjoyed my time holding that most-adorable newborn babe, I was more than happy to return her to her momma as soon as she got fussy with absolutely no desire to have any additional newborn babes of my own ever again.  While I will always look back at our own kids' newborn days with a fuzzy, sleep-deprived fondness, I really have no desire to relive them.

Moving on, again...

Not only did I get my first sunburn of the year this past week, but the kids received their first immediate showers upon entering the house after an afternoon of outside play.  In addition to some glorious sunny weather, we've also had quite a few thunderstorms which created exactly two mud puddles in our backyard underneath the swings on the swing set that Allie and Zach were both inexplicably drawn to.  These mud puddles were by no means large, but I'm fairly certain most of their skin was covered in mud after their discovery.  Even their little you get mud on your bare bum when it is **supposed to be covered with underwear and shorts, I will never know.

**actually, I do have a pretty good idea of how it happened, but I'm not willing to admit that there was another de-pantsing under my watch because I am certain I made it quite clear the first time that we do NOT, under ANY circumstances remove our pants and underwear outside.

Then, the following morning, I was running late to drop Allie off at school and, of course, I hit every single light red.  We arrived at school just in time to see the crossing guards walking into the building and the school buses pulling away.  Fortunately, we were also just in the nick of time for the on-duty patrolman to pull me over and tell me he was pretty sure I was the less than one block that it took for me to turn left at a stoplight and arrive at Allie's school. 

I wasn't sure how to tell him that my mom-mobile doesn't exactly go from 0-60 mph that fast, but thankfully as he looked in the back and saw Allie hyperventilating over the fact that she was late for school, he let me off with a warning...a warning that made me feel like I was a drug-dealing, law-breaking, loser-mom, but at least there was no ticket involved.

After my encounter with law enforcement, I took my shaggy-haired sun to get a haircut, which was rather uneventful. 

Then, I had to do laundry, clean the house, run to Target, and hit the grocery store.  Granted, all those things did not occur in one day, but last week is all starting to become one, big jumbled mess in my mind....particularly because we also came home one evening to discover that our AC was on, but that it was officially 80-degrees inside our house. 

Apparently, our 30ish year old HVAC unit is officially dead....meaning, we had to have a few guys come out and look at it to tell us how many thousands of dollars it would be to replace. 

The death of our HVAC unit really did not come as a surprise to us because when we bought the house seven years ago we were told that the system was on its last leg.  And basically every year when we turn the heat or AC on for the first time, we just hold our breath, cross our fingers, and hope against all hope that it will run for another year.  Although this year our luck has offically run out, at least we had one darn good last leg...and we'll have a new system by next Friday.

If you are still reading, I am impressed....because I am now realizing that this post is already way too long to include AZ pics as well. 

Before I concude, I did want to also make it known that I successfully took all three kids to the pediatric dentist on Friday where they all joined the no-cavity club and Olivia officially became the youngest member of our family ever to sit in the dentist chair to have her teeth cleaned and polished. 

Then, Friday night was Mayfest at Zach's preschool (which is a whole other post-in-the-making) and we welcomed the weekend happily. 

Ben and I watched Mission Impossible:  Ghost Protocol  on Saturday night and were pleasantly surprised by how good a movie it was. 

And now it is Sunday...and sadly the weekend is almost concluded and we are gearing up for another crazy week. 

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