Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mayfest 2012

This past Friday we attended our third annual preschool Mayfest, but it was Zach's first Mayfest as a preschool student! 

Mayfest is the preschool's biggest fundraiser of the year, but to the kids it is one very exciting end-of-the-year celebration complete with two bouncy houses, a bake sale, a silent auction/raffle, hot-dog dinner, carnival games, and singing program.

Zach has been anticipating Mayfest for weeks and Allie was even excited because she remembers how much fun she had at her two previous Mayfest celebrations.

We made sure to hit up the bouncy houses first, which was a good choice because they seemed to be the most popular attraction.  Also, we were able to get the jumping in before it began to downpour. 

The kids devoured their hot dog dinners, complete with a blue slushy, and a cake pop from the bake sale for dessert. 

We then made the rounds through the kiddie carnival games.  Zach's favorite game was the sucker tree...and he didn't even care that he didn't win a big prize, he was just happy to leave with a sucker.  Ben also let Olivia have her very first sucker.

After winning two bags of Cheetos at the "Snack Walk," we made our way over to the chapel where Zach would be singing along with his class for us. 

I was confident he would do a great job because he had been singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" all week for us in preparation for the big performance. 

But, as soon as he got on stage, he completely froze.  I think the poor guy suffers from stage fright! 

While we could tell he was singing along to all of the words, he barely moved a muscle. 

Whenever he looked out into the audience and saw all the parents and cameras, he just got this pale look on his face. 

I was honestly a little nervous that he was going to toss his cookies and he actually told me afterwards that he felt like his tummy was hurting...although, I'm wondering if it had more to do with the fact that he ate a hot dog, applesauce, slushy, cake pop, three suckers, and a bag of Cheetos the hour before he got on stage rather than nerves...or maybe a combo of both. 

Regardless, we were still proud of him!  And, he was all smiles once he was off of that stage.

Zach was very proud of his Green Bay Packer plate.  In fact, he has been carrying it around in his bag all weekend.  We pretty much had to bribe him to keep it in his room. 

All in all, Zach's first Mayfest was a success and he's already looking forward to Mayfest 2013!

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