Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

We celebrated Mother's Day this year with lunch together at my parents' home.  My mom is definitely the absolute greatest because she volunteered to cook for us all this year so we could avoid the crowds at the restaurants.  Yes, you read that right, while I declared to Ben that I absolutely did not want to cook on Mother's Day, my mom volunteered to do it wholeheartedly...which shouldn't surprise me at all..seeing as she is one of the greatest living examples to me of what it means to love selflessly and sacrificially...even if that means preparing a meal on Mother's Day. 

Although the entire meal was delicious, we all agreed that the strawberry shortcake with homemade cream cheese pound cake was the best part of the meal!

It was so fun to see how excited the kids were to give me their personally-created Mother's Day gifts.

Since Ben was in charge of helping the kids wrap their gifts, he opted for pink duct-tape printed with purple cupcakes...which proved to be a little difficult to open.

Thankfully, armed with a kitchen knife, I was able to break into the boxes.  I opened Allie's first to discover tons of pictures she had been working on all week long in addition to a flower magnet she had made at school.

Zach was thrilled for me to receive his card and coupon book that he had made at preschool.  However, I thought the absolute best part of the gift was the mom questionnaire that his preschool teachers helped him fill out.

Although Olivia wouldn't quite give me a hug when I first saw her after being away all weekend (maybe she was mad at me for leaving?), she warmed up to me pretty quickly.

We spent the afternoon with my parents and when we got home that evening, Ben had one more surprise waiting for me.

And even though we probably should have skipped dessert #2, we ALL was Mother's Day afterall and my ideal Mother's Day definitely includes two decadent desserts. 

However, even better than those wonderful desserts was being able to celebrate Mother' Day with my three favorite kids!

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