Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mystery Illness and Mr. Mom

Unfortunately, an unexpected mystery illness has left me with some free time indoors (as opposed to enjoying the perfectly sunny and beautiful day outdoors) this afternoon while the kids have some much needed quiet time in their rooms.  Allie began complaining of a sore throat yesterday afternoon, but until she woke up a few times last night with the same complaint, I thought nothing of it.  This morning when she came into the bathroom with flush cheeks and I saw that her tonsils were ginormous, I opted to keep her home from school.  Although she is fever-free, she just isn't feeling up to par. 

So, instead of taking Allie to kindergarten this morning and hitting up the park with Zach and Olivia as I had originally planned, we all stayed at home.  While I began catching up on laundry, the kids had fun building train tracks in the basement play room, concocting creations in the play kitchen, listening to Disney book CDs, and coloring. 

Since I have been pretty lax with Allie and Zach on quiet time since the weather has gotten so nice because they enjoy playing the afternoon away outside instead, I hardly know what to do with myself now that I find I have a fair amount of free time in the middle of the afternoon.  But, since I still have plenty of pictures to post, I guess my worries of wasting away my free time perusing Pinterest are put to rest. 

Moving on to all that catching up I have to do around here....

This past weekend while I was hanging out with my sister, Ben held down the fort here at home as Mr. Mom.  Approximately 3 hours after I left and was driving through nowheresville, WI, I received an e-mail entitled, "What a Dad!" with the attached picture:

Honestly, I trust Ben completely with the kids and he has always been an extremely involved dad, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a teensy bit nervous about leaving him with all three kids for the entire weekend when the longest I've ever been away at one time since Olivia has been born amounts to about 6-8 hours.  Plus, I know FIRSTHAND how demanding caring for them can be, and I know how thrilled I am each night when he arrives home from work, ready and willing to help out in any way.  So, I also felt a little guilty that he would be flying solo for two days while I was away...because I've done that before too and it is definitely not a cake walk.

Anyway, after receiving the above picture, a lot of those unfounded fears were put to rest as I cranked up my radio and sang along to the likes of "We are Young" and "Party in the USA."  (Don't judge...I usually have little kids in the car and am limited to what I can listen to, so this road trip I discovered all kinds of songs I never knew existed, but apparently are rather catchy even though they really aren't "new" anymore).

And then approximately 1.5 hours after receiving the above picture, I received a frantic phone call from Ben while I was navigating my way through Green Bay telling me that Olivia managed to tip over one of those large decorative glass balls at the garden center, shattering it completely, and resulting in Allie's immediate panic and tears.  Apparently no one was injured and he wasn't expected to pay for the broken ball, but he said it didn't seem like he could get out of there quick enough. 

At this point, I'm sure you're probably wondering why in the world he would take all three of them to the garden center solo.  Well, at about this same time every year we all head to the garden center to pick out our annual flowers to plant in our planter pots and front door planter.  Each year I am determined that it will be the year that I begin to fall in love with flower gardening.  And each year, I am sorely disappointed.  Apparently, I love flowers, but am not so much in love with all the work that goes into getting them planted and thriving on our property.

So, this year for Mother's Day, Ben and the kids took it upon themselves to do all the hard work so that when I arrived home on Sunday, I arrived to a back porch and front planter full of beautiful, vibrant flowers!

Olivia was really not into getting her picture taken by the flowers.

In addition to all the flower-planting, Ben also managed to keep everyone clothed, fed, mostly happy, and clean.  He also managed to do some other yard work tasks, re-caulk the bathroom tub, and paint the shower ceiling, and vacuum.  I'm completely impressed.  Upon my return home, the kids were most ecstatic by the fact that Daddy let them eat pizza two nights in a row for dinner! 

It was so fun to pull up to the house and see all the flowers that had magically appeared.  Ben assured me there was no magic involved, but it felt pretty magical to me to see blooms springing from pots and planters that were barren only two days before.  So far the kids have been doing a great job of watering.

And it has become quite obvious that Olivia enjoys the watering part the most as well.

All I have to say is.....

What a Dad!!!

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Christa said...

That is so great! I am glad you had a getaway and great husband to parent! What a blessed and beautiful family you all are. The flowers look great. Mine are not planting themselves, so better get going;)