Friday, May 25, 2012

Never A Dull Moment

This week's excitement is brought to you by Allie's finger:

On Tuesday afternoon while we were reading together, I looked down and noticed her finger looked like this:

By Thursday, when it hadn't gotten any better (in fact, after looking at this picture, it had definitely gotten more red and swollen with lots more pus...sorry, probably TMI), we decided to head to the doctor.

The doctor took one look and immediately put her on which she immediately complained about. 

The doctor's response?

"Well, we could just cut it off."  (I think I love this doctor!)

Allie no longer has any complaints about taking the antibiotic. 

Today, her finger is MUCH improved...although, we still don't know when or why or how her finger got infected in the first place (my guess is a pulled hangnail).

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