Friday, May 25, 2012

Preschool Green Class Graduation

Last Day of Preschool - May 2012
First day of Preschool-Sept. 2011

This Thursday we celebrated Zach's preschool graduation from Green Class. Looking at the above pictures, I can't believe how much he has grown up over this past year! He started the year out extremely shy and nervous about even going to school and this past Thursday he was so sad to see the year coming to an end. I've also been thrilled to hear him talking more about the kids in his class and all the things he is learning. 

By his cubby

The teachers compiled a book of each student's work to give to the kids and Zach couldn't wait to show his to us.  He's still a little upset with me because I told him he couldn't keep it in his room, but we would instead put it in his file where I keep other special projects and papers. 

After watching all the kids process into the chapel...

....they performed a short song...

....before receiving their award certificates from Miss Karin and Miss Stephanie for completing Green Class.

I know that Zach has a hard time standing up in front of everyone, so I was especially proud of him for singing along and doing his best despite being nervous. 

After the ceremony, we all headed into the gym for Popsicles.  Even though we couldn't eat our Popsicles outside (because it had been raining all night and would continue to rain all day...amounting to some crazy total of 5 inches in 24 hours...also bringing water into our basement...ugh), that didn't seem to bother the kids enjoyment of their special treat. 

It was a fun morning and Zach is already looking forward to another year of preschool, this time as a member of the Blue Class, next year. 

Congratulations, Buddy!  We're all so proud of you!

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