Wednesday, May 16, 2012

USA Read

Throughout this past school-year, Allie has been participating in her school's reading program:  USA Read.  Every month we've helped her keep track of her reading minutes on a calendar and at the end of each month, she submitted it to her teacher.  If she met the specified reading goal (which, for kindergartners, worked out to be about 20 minutes of reading per day), she received an award certificate. Students who met the reading goal 7 out of the 8 months this past school year were invited to attend a special USA Read award ceremony held this past Monday where they were awarded with their very own gold medal. 

Allie could barely contain her excitement at being present at the ceremony and receiving her first reading gold medal. 

During the ceremony Allie was called up by name and the principal placed the medal around her neck. 

After receiving her medal, she joined the rest of the medal winners from her class. 

We were proud of Allie for sticking with her reading all year long...even on the days that she really didn't feel like cracking open a book. She was quite proud of herself and her accomplishment as well.

Following the ceremony, we all enjoyed Popsicles and Allie had fun visiting with her friends (of which she seems to have no shortage of!).

We all had a great night celebrating the reading achievements of the kindergartners at Allie's school!

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