Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birthday #31

Yesterday I celebrated my 31st birthday.  Due to leap year, my birthday fell on a Monday this year as opposed to a Sunday...bummer.  Ben and I both agreed that Monday birthdays are pretty much the worst (he will have his own Monday birthday in a little under 2 weeks), but I decided to make the best of it by having my birthday party at Como Park and Zoo.  Yep, even 31-year-olds can have birthday parties at kiddie amusement parks...especially if they have three extremely excited kids ready to celebrate along with them! 

We spent most of our time riding the rides...over and over and over again.  Even Olivia got on her fair share of rides and when she thought she might miss out, she just exclaimed, "MY TURN!  MY TURN!" 

Zach was all smiles here until the swings got higher and started spinning.  His hand went up so fast (an indication to the operator that he wanted to get off the ride) and he immediately jumped off that swing as soon as the ride stopped...then he went on the Tilt-A-Whirl with me...go figure.  I guess I should have gone on the swings with him too!

Allie was extremely excited to finally be tall enough to ride the roller coaster.  She loved it and as soon as we got off, we got right back on so that we could do it again. 

After a picnic lunch, my mom walked around with an extremely tired Olivia in the stroller while I waited with the big kids as they waited in line for more rides.  Approximately 10 minutes later, my mom walked by with Olivia looking something like this:

Thanks to Grandma, the kids even got a chance to "Feed the Frogs" and win their very own prize.

As we walked through the zoo looking at all the animals, we stopped for a quick snack of Icees, popcorn, and cotton candy.  The big kids snarfed the cotton candy, but Olivia wouldn't let it come near her mouth.  She was pretty thrilled with the popcorn, though.

After a fun day at Como, we were all hungry...so we met Ben at home and headed out for dinner at Granite City where I indulged in a BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger and Sweet Potato Fries...super yummy!  When we got home, the party continued that evening....

The balloons Ben and the kids picked out for me.

I really had a fantastic birthday...filled with my favorite people and favorite treats!  I think the kids had a blast too...because they were completely exhausted and ready for bed by 7:30 pm! 

Happy Birthday, To Me!

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