Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Busy Week

This week we have been crazy busy, but crazy busy in a good, fun way.  We have had to get up each morning and head out the door by 8:10 am to make it to church in time for Allie's cheerleading sports camp and Zach's preschool camp. 

Although our church isn't necessarily close to our home, we've had to leave even earlier than usual to fight traffic and road construction.  The kids have been troopers, even eating breakfast and lunch in the car a few days. 

Allie is having a great time making new friends and learning all types of cheers, her favorite being the "Peel Banana" cheer.  She is also excited to be officially grouped with the big kids (grades 1-3) now as opposed to the preschoolers and kindergartners.  In addition to learning the sport of cheerleading, Allie has also had the opportunity to play games, sing songs, learn Bible verses and stories, and have snack.  She even emptied out her piggy bank yesterday to contribute to the offering that will aid in purchasing sports equipment for kids in need. 

Zach is absolutely in LOVE with preschool camp.  The theme for camp goes along the lines of Jesus being a kid too, so the kids have been learning all about Jesus' life as a little boy.  Zach, our resident complainer, has had not one single complaint about preschool camp.  He has enjoyed the crafts, snacks, songs (he actually SINGS!  I saw him and he was singing and doing the motions!) and games.  Tonight at dinner he even recited today's memory verse, complete with actions. 

While the kids are at camp each morning, Olivia and I have had a great time together.  Since it isn't really worth it to drive all the way home (only to have to turn around and drive all the way back to church), we've made the most of our time running errands and exploring the surrounding community. 

Today, however, I decided we needed to do something especially fun.  So, we headed to a nearby park that is super neat because it has HUGE teddy bears made out of stone and amazingly themed play toys that are perfect for her age.  Olivia was completely enamored by all the teddy bears and made sure to give each and every one a hug.

We also just so happened to arrive at the park as they were beginning a community sponsored kids' music class.  Olivia had a great time dancing to music and playing instruments before she headed the other direction to tackle the slides. 

After a fun time at the park, we continued our morning with a walk by the river and an early picnic lunch.  Olivia seemed to really enjoy pointing out the boats and birds and screaming "SPLASH!" every time the water hit the banks. 

We finished our morning just before the rain began to fall and right before it was time to pick Allie and Zach up at church. 

This afternoon, instead of swimming at the local pool (like we have the past two days), we came home for some much needed down-time (thank-you, PBS) and laundry catch-up. 

Three days down, two more to go...the kids are already bummed.  Good thing we have Vacation Bible School to look forward to in August!   

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