Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

Ben seriously deserves the Father of the Year award.  Not only did I leave him alone on Father's Day weekend to care for all three kids while I took off to visit my very first (and favorite) nephew, but Allie came down with strep throat on Thursday afternoon, shortly followed by Zach's diagnosis of strep throat on Friday morning. 

Yes, you read that correctly.  Somehow, 10 days AFTER Ben contracted strep, the big kids managed to come down with it while Olivia and I somehow remained (and still remain) unaffected. 

And, yes, right after accompanying Ben with all three kids to the pediatrician's office on Friday morning, I gave hugs and kisses goodbye and made my way to OshKosh, leaving Ben alone on Father's Day weekend to care for the three crazies...two of which had strep throat.  (I guess that means I won't be receiving the Mother-of-the-Year award!) 

Somehow in my whole "I'm-an-aunt-and-I-can't-wait-to-see-my-new-nephew" euphoria, I may have also sort of forgotten it was even Father's Day weekend in the first place...until approximately 5:30 am on Thursday morning as mile 1.75 ticked by on the treadmill and I had a panic attack when I realized I had approximately one day to clean the house, tackle laundry, go grocery shopping, and help the kids put together some sort of Father's Day craft (and all this was prior to Allie's strep throat discovery). 

Although Allie had been bugging me for the past several days that we needed to make something for Ben for Father's Day, I had kind of blown her off because I had somehow managed to convince myself I had one more week until Father's Day.  In my defense, I even ordered a little Father's Day present online for Ben and was so proud that it would actually be here on time to celebrate on June 24th...because in my mind, Father's Day was on June 24th...NOT the 17th!

So, after the panic subsided, the kids and I perused Pinterest for some good Father's Day craft ideas.  We came up with a personalized Father's Day candy-bar poem and were headed out the door by 8:00 am to hit up Walgreen's for our chosen candy bars, poster board, and tape.  We also made sure to pick up cards for the grandpas and I was able to drop them in the mail and make it home with our purchases before a massive thunderstorm was upon us for the remainder of the morning. 

While the thunder rolled, we crafted it up and were pretty proud of the final product. 

The only hiding place in the house large enough to conceal the candy poster was underneath Zach's bed.  I was a little concerned about his ability to sleep in the same room with over a dozen candy bars present and not be tempted to eat them, but apparently he overcame temptation. 

I gave strict instructions for the kids to wait until Sunday morning to give their present to Daddy (and according to Ben they did just that).  He said he was pretty shocked and started laughing when both Allie and Zach came down the hallway with this huge poster to give to him.  He said after seeing the size of the gift, it finally made sense to him why they were pre-planning how to get his present out of Zach's room and maneuver it down the hallway.

Since Allie was all on-top-of-it when it came to Father's Day, she also had a few cards she had made weeks ago to give to Ben.

Apparently, she had even encouraged Zach to draw a portrait to give to Ben on Father's Day as well.

Since the small gift I ordered was obviously not going to make it in time for Father's Day, I had resolved to instead give it to Ben for his birthday.  And then Ben called me up on Saturday morning asking why there was an Etsy package on our doorstep and what he should do with it.  Oh well.  I told him to open it.

Now he has his very own candy jar...just like the one at my parents' house that he always manages to empty every time we visit. 

Although I did not get to spend the majority of Father's Day with Ben, I did get to spend it with my own Dad (and brother) while we made our way back home from OshKosh.  I have been blessed to have an excellent father who has shown me unconditional love and always encouraged me to be my best and follow God's leading in my own life.  I am so thankful that my kids will also know the blessing of having him, in addition to their own amazing dad in their lives. 
After I returned home, Ben requested a Father's Day dinner at our favorite local Mexican restaurant and I was happy to oblige.  Anything for the Father-of-the-Year. 

I love you Ben...and watching you with our kids makes me fall more in love with you than I ever thought possible. 

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