Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's A Boy!

Last Wednesday, June 13, my sister and brother-in-law welcomed their first son into their family.  We were all anticipating Drew's arrival anxiously and I knew I would be excited, but I didn't realize just how excited I was going to be until I heard the news of his official arrival early that morning.  The pictures my sister sent only made it more difficult for me to wait patienly until Friday to head down to OshKosh with my parents and brother to celebrate Drew's birthday in person. 

"Baba Doo," as Olivia affectionately calls him, was even cuter in person than in his pictures.  Although we all agreed that Drew is almost a spitting image of his Daddy, I still feel like I can see a little of Stephanie in him too, especially when his eyes are open.

I think we were all pretty excited to take turns holding him after we first met him at the hospital.

I'm an AUNT!

Athough we arrived Friday evening, Stephanie, Chris, and Drew did not come home from the hospital until Saturday.  Never fear, I made sure I was there, camera-in-hand, to document Drew's homecoming!

We spent the remainder of the day spoiling Drew rotten (in between feeding times, of course).

Drew "holding" the birthday card Allie made for him.

My sister has always been a complete natural with babies, so it comes as no surprise that she is already an amazing mom to her own son.  She is continuing to recover and rest as much as possible in between cuddling and caring for her babe.

A big congratulations to Stephanie and Chris....

....and Happy Birthday, Drew!  We are so glad that you are finally here and can't wait to watch you grow (but, seriously, you don't have to grow too fast...because we don't mind enjoying your itty-bitty cuteness just a little while longer)!!! 

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