Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weekend in Review

The past week has definitely been busy as we've been participating in all of the end-of-school-year festivities.  Add to that the fact that Ben managed to contract strep throat which has me on a obsessive mission to de-strepify our entire house before anyone else comes down with it (I know, my efforts are probably in vain) and there has not been much time left over for blogging. 

Before the busy-ness that struck on Monday, however, we did have a fabulous weekend that began with a date night for Ben and I on Friday.  Since I will be spending our ninth anniversary tomorrow carting Allie to her last day of school, continuing to sanitize our house, getting Allie ready for her dance recital dress rehearsal (hair to be done and make-up to be applied), our Macaroni Grill dinner on Friday evening followed by our trip to the movie theater to view The Avengers was our celebratory gesture for the year.

We left the kids with a newly discovered babysitter and I am happy to report that everyone survived.  I knew for sure that the babysitter would be fine (she comes very well recommended and the kids and I like her a lot), but I was more concerned that the kids might not show their best colors...resulting in her not ever wanting to come back again (which, I seriously don't think would be the case, but the concern was still there). Although there was an incident that left toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror and light fixtures thanks to my oldest's bedtime hyperactivity, everything else seemed to go rather smoothly.  I have a couple more dates on the calendar for the rest of the summer that I need to confirm with her, so I'm crossing my fingers that this will indeed be a good match. 

On Saturday, since everyone was up early (oh I love thee...and how I loathe the fact that you allow the sun to rise prior to 6:00 am daily), we spent the majority of the morning at the Blaine Airshow.  The kids had a blast climbing in and out of several different armed forces vehicles and air crafts.  Olivia had the best time enthusiastically pointing out all the airplanes overhead.  We've been to this free event in the past, but the weather was always pretty uncooperative (think cold and windy) and there weren't nearly as many airplanes.  We were pleasantly surprised at how many airplanes there were this past Saturday and how much fun we all had!

After lunch at Wendy's we hated to waste such a beautiful summer day inside, so we went home and loaded up on the bikes for a family bike ride.  We ended up riding to one of the kids' favorite parks with a castle playground and then made our way down to the river.  Since we've had so much rain the past month, the river was completely flooded over the bike we had quite the adventure wading through flooded river water while carrying kids, the Burley, and our bikes. 

Toward the end of our bike ride, we made a stop at a local go-karting and mini-golf place not far from our home.  While we didn't have the time to mini golf, we did take a ride on the go-karts. 

By the time we returned home from our 13-mile journey (and...FYI...13 miles isn't so bad...unless you are hauling a Burley, complete with 50-plus pounds of kid), Zach and Olivia were down for the count.

After dinner outside on our patio, baths for the kids, we were all in bed and out by about 9:30 pm. 

Then, the next day Ben woke up with strep throat and then our fun was put on stand-by...which is ok...because I'm happy to report that he's on a full road to recovery.

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