Saturday, June 9, 2012

What a Week

Crazy.  That about sums up this past week.  We started out the week with strep throat for Dad and a haircut for the boy. 

On Tuesday, we filled up our library bags with books (to begin the summer reading program) at the local library in an effort to give Ben some peace and quiet at home.  Although Olivia made sure she had some shoes on and was ready to go, she ended up staying at home to take a nap, we definitely won't tell her that we also went out for ice-cream at Coldstone (mint-oreo-sprinkles for Zach and raspberry sorbet-gummy bear-sprinkles for Allie). 

If you observe Olivia in the background, I believe this is where she made the discovery that she would not be tagging along. 

On Wednesday, Zach and Olivia enjoyed their last morning snack minus Allie.

Olivia really loves snack time.

Thursday was spent celebrating our 9 year anniversary over a surprise Noodles & Company lunch for the family thanks to Ben's planning.  He also came home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  And the best part was that I could kiss him "thank you" without fear of contracting strep throat (yay, antibiotics!).

I spent Thursday afternoon applying make-up and curling hair in preparation for Allie's dance recital dress rehearsal that evening. 

Friday, the first official day of summer vacation, we spent strep-throat free (hopefully we are in the clear, now!) and at the pool...that is, until it began pouring down rain.  It is a good thing we have many more days of summer left to soak up the sun at the pool...because all three kids had a blast in the water!

And that brings us to today...Saturday...which was mostly about Allie's dance recital (post to come--soon).  But, I couldn't help but snap a picture of Zach...because he looked so stinkin' cute in his summer's finest:

Hopefully this next week will be a little more relaxed for us around here...I think we could definitely ue a pj-day or two! 

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