Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kids...Meet Your Cousin, Drew!

This past week Ben helped me pack up the car for my very first road trip with all three kids.  While Ben managed the homefront (or, um, basically spent the majority of time working), the kids and I made our way to OshKosh, WI so that they could meet their very first cousin.  Although I managed to get lost on my way out of the Cities (thank you road construction, ramp closures, and INSANELY long back ups due to lane closures), the portable car DVD player and McDonald's lunch stop definitely helped boost morale and we all made it to my sister and brother-in-law's home in one piece! 

All the kids were pretty excited to see my Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Chris' new home and take turns holding Drew. 

I was especially surprised at how good Allie was with Drew.  She has never expressed a ton of interest in babies and has never really played with baby dolls, but she definitely held Drew the most.  She was even reluctant to give him up when he started fussing, insisting that if we gave her a chance, she could calm him down.  And, what do you know?  She was successful!  (Except for when Drew was hungry and insistent upon getting to his Mommy!)

Zach, although excited to meet Drew, was a little more hesitant to hold him.  He did, however, hold Drew long enough to snap a picture.  Even though Zach didn't hold Drew a ton, he did pat his head and was very interested in him when we were spending time with Drew. Zach also commented several times about how cute Drew was and how he was happy to have a new best buddy in the family!   Zach even told me when we got home that he can't wait for Drew to get big enough so that they can play real toys together. 

Because Olivia is enamored by all babies and her baby dolls, I just knew she would fall in love with Drew.  And, I was right--Olivia could not get enough of him!  She pointed out every one of his features and commented:  "ooo...baba hand!  ooo...baba ears!  ooo...baba nose....honk! honk!  oooo...baba eyes!  ooo...baba toes!  oooo...baba soo cute!"  She hugged him and kissed him and cuddled him.  And, she was very upset when her turn to hold him was over.  I even believe at one point she screamed, "NO!  BABA MINE!"   

After each one had their chance to hold Drew, we made sure to pose for some group shots as well:

While in OshKosh, we made sure to hit up their neighborhood park:

We also decided to dodge the insane heat and humidity with a trip to Appleton where Grandma treated the kids to Build-A-Bear at the local mall.

We finally found a summer hat that fit Drew:  from Build-A-Bear!

After another Happy Meal lunch at McD's (ummm...I can only stomach McD's once in a Blue Moon, so the adults present opted for Chinese at the mall's food court), we also hit up Monkey Joe's where the kids could jump to their hearts' desire in several inflatable castles, slides, and mazes. 

The road trip home went smoothly, especially since my mom accompanied us back to the Cities after her time helping my sister and brother-in-law after Drew's arrival.

We had a great time visiting and look forward to lots more trips spent together with the cousins! 

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