Monday, July 23, 2012

Minocqua Vacation 2012: Exploring on Land

One of our favorite things to do in Minocqua is explore.  We definitely spend tons of time in the water, but walking into to town and enjoying the touristy downtown of Minocqua is fun too. 

This year, I discovered that I actually LOVE salt-water taffy.  There is a fudge shop in downtown Minocqua that sells all kinds of candy and I have always turned up my nose at the HUGE taffy selection (cookie dough or strawberry cheesecake taffy, anyone?), especially when there were all kinds of fudge and chocolates to be had in the same location.  After an impulse taffy purchase for the kids this year, I was taken by complete surprise as I popped one of those suckers in my mouth.  The taffy was amazing...not hard and gummy like I expected.  It was so excellent that I went back and purchased 3 pounds more to take home with us!

I also LOVE to jog on the gravel trail that was originally an old railroad track in the morning before it seems anyone in the entire town has woken up.  There is something so serene and peaceful about watching the sunrise over the lake and feeling like I'm the luckiest person in the world at that moment to be in the presence of  such beauty. 

We also enjoy family bike rides with Olivia and Zach crammed in the Burley and Allie pedaling away on the Trail-a-Bike.  This year, Allie and I ventured out on our own bike ride one afternoon and were lucky enough to come across a young Buck (he was just beginning to get his antlers) crossing the bike path. 

In addition to the outside play park that The Beacons has for the kids, they also enjoy swimming at the indoor pool.  Often, the pool is a life saver when rainy weather hits!

This year we also tried something new:  A family horseback ride!  Although it took Zach a while to get over his fear of falling off his horse, once he settled in, we had a fantastic ride.  Plus, as an outlaw for a horse (Dillinger, I believe was his name), Zach couldn't go wrong.  In addition to an hour-long trail ride (Olivia did great up until 15 minutes before we returned and she decided she wanted down), we also got to ride our horses through a shallow creek.  Allie said she felt just like Merida in Brave...and has now requested her very own bow and arrow, in addition to her own horse.

Now, some pictures of our time exploring on land:

After a lumberjack breakfast at Paul Bunyan's

Dinner at our favorite dock side restaurant:  The Thirsty Whale

An immature Bald Eagle we spotted while walking on the trail

We believe the sticks were part of its nest

The kids watching the Eagle

A far-away view of the Eagle and its nest

Getting ready to watch the ski show

Waiting for the ski show to begin

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