Monday, July 23, 2012

Minocqua Vacation 2012: Fun on the Water

One of the BEST things about Minocqua is its lakes.  The small town of Minocqua is positioned on Lake Minocqua which is just one of several lakes in a chain of lakes that is connected by channels that can be navigated by boat. 

We enjoy exploring all the different lakes, oftentimes packing picnic lunches and taking time out to swim, explore the lakeshore, and tube.  Being on the water is fabulous...especially when the sun is shining and the air is warm. 

This year we even rented a pontoon boat to take over to one of the larger lakes:  Lake Tomahawk.  Grandpa's boat is exceptional, but it wasn't quite large enough to hold a dozen people.  Although we experienced a little thunderstorm after arriving at Lake Tomahawk (and, yes, all the youngins' bailed--opting for a short drive back to the cabin through the rain--leaving the grandparents to navigate the pontoon back...where it is rumored they may have stopped at another dockside restaurant for *gasp* DESSERT and COFFEE without apparently there are some advantages to getting old...), we still enjoyed our time on the pontoon and the picnic lunch that followed. 

Boat days, in my opinion, are always some the very best days spent on vacation.

Getting ready to board Grandpa's boat

Allie insisted upon building a frog-trap for the three frogs we found and Ben caught

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