Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacation Withdrawal

Mondays after week-long vacations are pretty much a bummer.  It's hard not to compare, throughout  normal daily tasks, what you were doing just a mere week ago. 

Take for instance today: 

At 6:00 am this morning I was running on the basement treadmill while watching KARE 11 News.  At 6:00 am last Monday I was running on a gravel path that was once an old railroad line that meandered through a pine forest adjacent to a chain of crystal clear lakes. 

This morning we all ate breakfast at our kitchen table while staring outside the window at my neighbor's porch full of empty beer cans, broken sand toys, and old sidewalk chalk.  Last Monday morning, we ate breakfast while watching for the two does and two fawns that often appeared right outside of our cabin.

Today, I loaded the kids up in the car and we drove to the grocery store.  Last week, we loaded the kids up in the Burley and hopped on our bikes for a ride through the woods or a trip to the beach.  Or, we walked into town for a snack of ice cream, caramel popcorn, taffy, or fudge. 

Today, Olivia took a long nap in her crib.  Last week, Olivia took a nap wherever she could get it:  on Grandma's lap in the boat, in the stroller, in the Burley, or on the beach.

After we ate lunch today, the kids read books and played with Legos in the air-conditioned living room while I caught up on some cooking in the kitchen.  After lunch last week, the kids hastily put on their life jackets and ran to Grandpa's boat, Ben and I trailing close behind, for an afternoon filled with boating, tubing, and swimming. 

This evening we ate grilled hamburgers and watermelon for dinner.  Very Tasty.  Just not quite as tasty as the charcoal-grilled burgers we scarfed down last week after a day spent in the sun on the water. 

Before bedtime this evening, the kids fought and wrestled in the living room, taking only a brief hiatus to scatter every single book they own all over the floor and throw stuffed animals at one another.  Last week after dinner, we could be found fishing on the docks, go-karting, or playing card games. 

In short, we made the best of our "bummer-after-vacation-Monday."  And, honestly, it wasn't too bad.  Perhaps the real problem is just that we love our annual Minocqua vacation a little bit too much!

And, as a warning, I have TONS of pictures to post...this was only just the very beginning...stay tuned....

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